Much of what the dreary winter months consist of is a surplus of slush and frigid temperatures. If you live anywhere outside of California, you understand what these dry, cold months can do for the tresses. While it might be easier to hide your locks under a beanie, there’s an effortless and chic way to do your hair — with minimal effort — that will have you dreaming of warmer days in no time.

So long are the days of staring at your hair wondering what to do with it, how to style it, and oh no, I’m having a terrible hair day, time for a top knot. These easy hair tips will have your hair gleaming with beachy waves in a not-so-beach-worthy time of the year.


After washing and conditioning your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner either at the end of your shower and rinse (if you have fine hair), or leave the conditioner in (if you have more coarse hair). This will allow for super soft and manageable locks.


After applying the leave-in conditioner, apply a heat tonic or a prep spray. If you have curly hair, adding a straightening balm to your locks will make the blow dry process much faster. I enjoy Bumble and Bumble’s Styling Lotion, but your local drugstore or favorite natural brand will do just fine.

Blow Dry

Blow Dry hair as usual, and finish with Argan or Moroccan Oil to condition the hair once more.

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Now for the beachy part!


Divide hair into two sections — or three or four if you want tighter waves — and braid your hair into two pigtail-like braids. Begin the braid(s) a few inches down the hair shaft, otherwise you run the risk of rocking that 80’s crimp ‘do, which is great, but I’m sure not what you’re going for. Braid them tightly and secure with a hair elastic. Loosen them a little with your hands, leaving a little undone at the end of each braid and then go to bed on the braids.

The next morning let your straightener warm up while you’re making your cup of coffee or tea. Run over each braid with your straightener.  Do this a few times until the braids are flattened, but not lifeless.  Undo the braids — straighten the ends if you prefer — and run your fingers through your hair. Finish with a styling spray and texturize by running your fingers from root to ends. Voila! Easy, effortless, no frill, beautiful hair that’s manageable and looks like you took oodles of time doing it. No one will know that you slept in braids. Shhh…

What hair tricks do you resort to during the winter months?

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