littlest darling bag

Peeking inside the bag of the littlest Darling team member today, Mr. Miles. You’ll spot him on set as the one cuddling the talent while sporting a diaper:

My Herschel backpack is just the best for carrying around all of my favorite things and not looking like a tourist. Honestly, we love Honest. The diapers make life more fun and they are chemical-free and the wipes and hand sanitizer are a daily must! Babe feet can be really tough to fit and shoes get kicked off on the regular. These Potato Feet booties are the perfect solution for hard-to-fit feet and ALL of them are cute as all get out. Also, because EVERY little one needs a backup outfit AND to be covered head to toe in T-rex cuteness…this onesie is 100% organic cotton.

You never want to be caught in the car or on a shoot without a snack. Ella’s Kitchen makes it easy to eat healthy, organic and delicious for little ones of all ages even when you’re always on the go. My Modern Burlap calendar blanket is also super special because it has the full calendar year that Miles (me) was born. This, no doubt, will be a lifelong keepsake.

I like to wear my heart on my sleeve, or in this case on my shirt. When it’s time for bed, I want my mama to hold me <3

Lastly, an Ikea mouse. Because my mama is also weird.


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