A Note From The Editor: We are very aware that the words we publish in this space and in our print issues have power. Even more so, we’re in awe of how your words, our dear Darling readers, keep us encouraged and motivated in the mission to redefine what true beauty looks like — in the media and in culture — so that all women everywhere can feel known, loved, whole and worthy. We want to start sharing these words with you as well, because YOU are the real voice and agent of change.

From Darling reader Naomi:

When I first stumbled upon Darling Magazine, I was instantly drawn to the sincerity of the essays and articles. It is the magazine that I had always wished could exist and a refreshing response to the ‘standard’ magazine. The contributors of Darling, for both the online blog and printed publication, have a way of breathing life into complex, intangible topics through thoughtful writings (without being cheesy or cliché).

Here are a few reasons why I read Darling Magazine:

Honest, always.
Darling isn’t afraid to delve deeper. They challenge social norms while understanding the difference between opening up a conversation vs. stirring up controversy. Difficult topics, such as mental health, aren’t passively brushed over, but articulated with care by balancing personal experiences with valuable advice. Reading Darling Magazine feels quite like an honest conversation with a dear friend.

Redefining beauty.
Instead of being adorned with pictures of celebrities, Darling features diverse individuals to share their stories and reflections. The magazine elegantly merges art and beauty through tasteful styling, photography, and prose. They recognize that there is beauty in outer appearances, but also in one’s character and inner qualities.

Reading Darling Magazine feels quite like an honest conversation with a dear friend.

Real >>> Perfect
The number of articles I’ve read from Darling that I could relate to my own experiences, are countless. In this magazine, life isn’t presented through a sparkly filter of perfection and nor are their photos (which are #RealNotRetouched). Authenticity is esteemed, acknowledging our capacity for growth and potential to thrive. Instead of pressuring women to reach an ideal based on preconceived notions and expectations, Darling empowers us to discover the kind of woman we want to be.

Darling is a momentum, advocating for our self-worth and helping us find our purpose. It is not only a movement, but a community of women who aspire to ‘practice the arts of virtue, wit, modesty, and wisdom‘.

Naomi, we’re so glad you’ve found us and can deeply connect with the heart of the #DarlingMovement. We continue to exist because of women like you. Thank you for sharing your words with us!

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  1. After picking up two issues of Darling in a favorite store months ago, I finally signed up on-line to receive subscription by mail. I couldn’t agree more with Naomi – Darling is honest and pure AND inspired me to write my blog. My only wish . . . that Darling was available EVERY month.

  2. Awww this makes me so happy!! Naomi, you are a true beauty and an inspiration. Glad to see Darling Magazine has noticed too 🙂 Big hugs!! xo

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