With several exciting projects in the works with Darling Studios (thanks to the success of our #JoinDarling campaign), it’s safe to say that video has certainly been on the brain here at Darling.

Which is why we were so inspired to come across this upcoming film project from TIME called “Firsts,” a series that sits down with pioneering female athletes, scientists, lawmakers, entertainers and entrepreneurs for exclusive interviews on their unique journeys.

Here’s the trailer:

The series premieres on September 7th, but be sure to check out TIME’s currently trending #SheIsTheFirst campaign to share stories about the equally-amazing women in your own life.

Has a woman or girl you know been a “first”? The first to win the science fair? The first in her family to attend college? The first to become mayor of her town? Share your photos and stories with TIME using #SheIsTheFirst. You could be selected to be featured in TIME!

We know we’ll be watching 🙂

Feature Image via TIME


  1. This looks AMAZING! I’ve been waiting for a film project about strong women ever since I read “Girl Boss” by Sophia Amoruso, and heard about the photography project “Strong is the new Pretty” by Kate T.Parker. I can’t wait to hear from female pioneers across different fields and what it took to get there! I love what one of the ladies in the video said” there is plenty of room for mediocre men, but not mediocre women.” It seems that women have to be a lot stronger to break that glass ceiling bc there’s so much more resistance to women. How we can we watch this? Amazon Prime? Netflix? Please share a link for how to watch!


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