What to Listen to When You Feel Like Anything is Possible

trace playlist

Every New Year, we are invigorated by a clean slate, a new start and a sense of excitement for the future. As we communally engage in feeling like “anything is possible,” I figured we’d pair such an attitude with some really good music.

Personally, Spotify has been a great support and platform for uncovering my own music, that’s why it’s exciting for me to get to curate my own playlists of tracks to share with you. So, in honor of 2018, here are some gems by both familiar and maybe unfamiliar artists whose work I both respect and hope puts you in the right mood for the beginning of the new year.



Image of TRACE via Jason Barbagelott

TRACE is Los Angeles based singer/songwriter who can be found usually in the studio writing and recording, at a coffee shop drinking and thinking or in her Silver Lake home being a major introvert. Currently working on a new EP, TRACE finds inspiration through art, relationships and probably anything that is European.