november monthly music list

Regardless of where we are at in life right at this moment, we can all share one thing in common — that we are thankful for someone or something that has come along in our lifetime.

There is a light that never goes out, whether it’s looking right at us or it’s nestled deeper inside, we keep them close and highly revered.

Now, this light may be a relative, a friend, a significant other, or even a beloved pet. Perhaps it’s an accomplishment or a goal that was met.  It might even come in the form of something intangible, like a really wonderful memory or a valuable lesson learned. All of these are the items that we pull forth in moments of gratitude. At its core, these are the pieces that form the foundation for a little holiday coming up that we like to call Thanksgiving. Then, on top of these foundations, we build around them with warmth, love, food and traditions.

This month is all about the ode to those people, places or things that have moved us in such tremendous ways.  Take it all in and don’t be afraid to thank them, from the bottom of your heart.

Oh, and here’s some music to take with you along the way:

Image via Hart & Honey

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