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Would you believe that your skin and wine have a lot in common?  It’s true, and we’re not talking about the fact that figuring out how to have healthy, clear skin can be so frustrating at times you’ll swear the best course of action is to simply open a bottle of Syrah and call it a day.

(Which you’d be completely justified in doing, ps.)

Yet, that’s not the kind of comparison we want to make with this article. Instead, we want to introduce you to April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner’s Daughter. Chances are, if you’re at all in the realm of natural, toxin-free skincare — even if you’re just dancing around its perimeter — then you’ve already heard of April’s award-winning, widely-raved about, Active Botanical Serum.

We certainly had, and once we discovered that Vintner’s Daughter wasn’t just a clever name thought up by a conglomerate makeup brand but the passion of a winemaker-turned-beauty-entrepreneur (and mom!), we knew we had to reach out to April to hear more about her story, how she’s built her business and what makes her facial oil so darn miraculous. (Because we tried it and yes, it really is.)

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Darling: Tell us a bit about your own skincare journey. How did that lead to creating Vintner’s Daughter?

April: I was someone who had always struggled with my skin – acne, discoloration, clarity and fine lines. I had tried every product under the sun. When I became pregnant and started reading the labels, I was shocked to see so many of the ingredients were cheap fillers and worse, toxic. I went in search of serious skincare in the natural world and couldn’t find the level of multi-correctional performance I needed, so two years later Vintner’s Daughter was born.

DM: From wine to skincare, do you think that unlikely background gave you a unique view of the beauty/skincare industry?

April: Coming from a world where quality is the yardstick by which you measure everything has given Vintner’s Daughter its North Star. Like fine winemaking, we are committed to the very finest quality from ingredient sourcing to our formulation process, everything is about finding, protecting and delivering the finest quality and most active skincare.

Coming from a world where quality is the yardstick by which you measure everything has given Vintner’s Daughter its North Star.

DM: What are some of the powerhouse ingredients in Vintner’s Daughter, and how do they work to “correct” instead of simply “cover up”?

April: Uniquely, Active Botanical Serum is made up of 22 powerhouse ingredients. They were chosen because they are the world’s most powerful skin actives and, as such, are able to address skin issues at a foundational level. Reducing inflammation, creating balance and providing optimal nourishment are the keys to healthy skin and Active Botanical Serum delivers all three at the highest levels of performance.

My favorite emails to receive are the ones from women who say, “I don’t even wear makeup anymore!” Having beautiful, healthy skin is a big confidence boost and to be a part of that is hugely rewarding.

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DM: Talk to the frustrated woman who’s tried every single skincare product. What should she know about Vintner’s Daughter that’s different from what she’s tried before?

April: That is me! I tried everything under the sun to deal with acne, discoloration, clarity and fine lines. Active Botanical Serum was designed to be my one-stop-shop, desert island product. It benefits all skin types and creates dramatic change through strategically chosen percentages of the most powerful botanicals on earth.

You can have a super effective and simple routine using Active Botanical Serum because it has all the skin-beautifying nutrients, minerals, vitamins, aminos and fatty acids your skin needs to be its best.

DM: Do you see “Vintner’s Daughter” expanding to other body oils or lotions using the same processes?

April: Our research and development process is very lengthy. We will not introduce a product that isn’t as game-changing, high quality and effective as our first. With that said, we have some fun stuff up our sleeve.

DM: Skincare is such a competitive and saturated market, how did you initially approach putting your product out there? Were there any fears or setbacks you had to overcome?

April: Because Active Botanical Serum is a face oil with the multi-correctional activity and penetration of a serum, it is unlike anything else. The results women see are quite dramatic. Luckily, women want to share their success stories with their friends, sisters, mothers, etc. and that is how Active Botanical Serum was launched: girlfriend to girlfriend. Testimonials have been everything to us.

I tried everything under the sun to deal with acne, discoloration, clarity and fine lines. Active Botanical Serum was designed to be my one-stop-shop, desert island product.

DM: As a working mother and entrepreneur, how do you find a healthy work/life balance?

April: It’s a constant struggle to find balance between work, family, friends, Me time, etc. However, I have found that if I measure it over the course of a week versus a single day, my odds go up.

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DM: What’s the best piece of advice you have been given in regards to being a woman in business?

April: “No risk, no reward.” Know that there is a huge network of incredible woman who will support and nurture you on your journey. Go for it!

DM: What do you hope to see change within the beauty and skincare industry in the future?

April: The change is happening so fast and most of it for the good. I would love to see better labeling practices and banning of certain highly toxic ingredients. It will happen. It is happening.

DM: Are you still involved in winemaking? What’s your favorite way to enjoy a glass of vino?

April: It is my family business, so absolutely, yes! My favorite way to enjoy a glass of wine is over a lovingly-prepared meal with my family and friends.

Learn more about Vintner’s Daughter and invest your own bottle right over HERE.

Feature Image via Milo Cho; Article Images via Erin Souza



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