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Bloomingdale’s has always been a key resource for Darling shoots. Not only do they carry mid-high luxury items, they also carry clothing in all sizes for all women. As Darling’s Fashion Editor, I was honored to be invited to Bloomingdale’s Shop for Women Event held last week in Sherman Oaks, California. Professional stylist Reah Norman hosted the event and educated shoppers on the fundamentals of fall fashion specifically catered for natural size and curvier women. The live fashion show showcased the four primary trends of this season: Layers, Denim, (faux) Leather, and Lace.


A trend everyone looks forward to when the weather cools down — a chance for us to wear cardigans, ponchos, scarves and coats. Layering is the biggest trend right now as it’s both functional and stylish; having more clothing options enables you to express yourself in that many more ways.

For example, purchasing a cashmere cardigan, a reversible puffer jacket, and a wool poncho are all key pieces that can be dressed up or down. Black jeans paired with a blouse, then layered with a cardigan is another perfect day outfit. For a sportier feel, add the puffer jacket. A reversible puffer jacket offers two options: a sportier lining for casual outfits and a wool lining for dressier events.

Investing in a poncho is also wise as it can be worn both under and over clothing. It can be used as a wrap, scarf, or cardigan, too. Layering a poncho over an outfit is perfect for those oh so “sunny slightly breezy” early fall days. *Ponchos are also excellent gift ideas as one size fits all and can be styled in so many ways!



My favorite wardrobe staple. Purchasing a black and blue pair of jeans is essential. Denim is truly a staple for all seasons and if you have not found your perfect pair yet, I recommend spending an hour at Bloomingdale’s trying on different styles.

A black skinny jean and a blue boyfriend jean are two classic styles that you can build your wardrobe upon. Pairing a cozy sweater with a boyfriend jean and sneakers is an easy, casual boho look for fall. Skinny black jeans paired with a silk blouse and booties is a great classic evening look. The styling options are limitless for denim. Be sure to check out the NYDJ black skinny jeans at your next Bloomingdale’s visit.


For the gal who is sick of wearing denim all the time (see above) and is wondering what else she can wear – THIS IS FOR YOU.  Faux leather leggings are a great alternative to denim, and leggings that have a sheen finish can “fancify” any look. Faux leather is a lightweight, synthetic fabric that is comfortable and more economical than leather.

For an edgier look, sport faux leather from head to toe with booties, your favorite white t-shirt and beanie. Bagatelle makes a gorgeous faux leather jacket in both brown and black. Feel free to mix autumn colors together such as tan, burgundy, plum, grey, vanilla, brown and black. People often believe that they must wear all black to look sophisticated. This is false! Pairing a brown jacket with black jeans or leggings, and adding in a cream cowl neck sweater is such a timeless fall look. Be adventurous and take advantage of fall’s cozy color palette.

faux leather


Lace is extremely popular this season, with hints of lace seen everywhere from button-down shirt cuffs and collars to matching top and skirt ensembles. Lace has a natural association with formal wear and so its subtle accent adds just the right amount of chicness to clothing. Owning a lace skirt is a smart purchase as it can easily be worn with a variety of textures.

Don’t be afraid to get thrifty and creative; incorporate your existing fall/winter sweaters with a lace skirt and wear it with black heels. For a flirtier look, pair a lace skirt with your favorite white t-shirt. Mixing in your existing wardrobe with new fall staples is the perfect way for your personal style to shine.

To find a Bloomingdale’s near you, visit HERE.

Images provided by Bloomingdale’s

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