mothers day

I think we can all agree that the older we get the more we realize just how much our mothers had to put up with while raising us. From chauffeuring us to tennis lessons and dental appointments to bearing with our adolescent angst and taking care of us when sick, it seems like there’s nothing our moms weren’t willing to do for us.

For many, our moms remain our number one fan, and our relationship with them will forever be one of the strongest bonds we have. Yet, as influential as mothers are in our lives, how often do we stop and actually let them know what they mean to us? Chances are, not enough.

So, as we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, let us take a moment to tell the women who mothered us a few of the things they don’t hear often enough:

1. Thank you.

Any mom will tell you that they don’t expect anything in return for the sacrifices they make for their children, but it’s still nice to be appreciated. Let your mom know how grateful you are that she repeatedly risked her life in order to teach you how to drive, re-learned algebra just to help you with your homework, and let you sleep at the end of her bed whenever there were monsters in your room.

2. You’re beautiful.

She is, and every woman needs to be reminded.

3. You were right.

Let’s be honest; we all thought we knew what was best for ourselves growing up, and often ignored our moms’ words of guidance. Turns out, though, she was probably right about (almost) everything.

4. Let me take care of the dishes.

All moms deserve a break. Offering to take on some of her chores and help out around the house will be music to her ears.

5. You give the best advice.

Let her know that you appreciate all of the advice she’s passed down over the years, and remind her of your favorite words of wisdom.

6. I still need you.

We may not need our moms in the same ways as we did when we were children, but they’ll always have a place in our lives and it’s important that we let them know.

7. Lets just sit and talk.

At the end of the day, our moms just want us in their lives. Whether we live next door or are a phone call away, they want to hear from us and be a part of our lives. Taking time to maintain our relationships with them is the least we can do.

8. Im sorry.

Remember that time you broke your mom’s favorite rooster jug and never took the blame? Or when you left her feeling unappreciated when she was just trying to help? Take the time now to tell her you’re sorry.

9. You’re my role model.

For most of us, it was a scary thought to think of turning into our moms as we grew older. But now? It’s one of the greatest compliments there is.

10. I love you.

No explanation needed.

Image via Monica Outcalt


  1. Darling has posted many mothers day articles. For many of the positive and securely raised Darling readers, these are uplifting reads. But please remember not all of us were given mothers who were there for us, and instead have endured the traumas of absence, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. Perhaps we come to Darling for advice on being feminine, strong women, models of which we never had to learn from. Rampant social media postings commemorating mothers are crushing for us, the reminder of everything our mothers were supposed to be but were not. Although a minority, it would be consoling to have an article about accepting and persevering past the traumas.

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