Call for Nominations: Darling’s 10 Most Inspiring Women for 2016

Who inspires you? At first thought, you might name a public figure; an entrepreneur, politician, activist, or celebrity whose achievements or contributions you admire. However, it’s not the people we’ve never met who influence our lives, attitudes, and achievements the most. That honor is generally reserved for our closest friends and family, those we are lucky enough to interact with on a genuine level, and who are most important to the overall picture of our lives.

We want to hear about them. Who is the one person you know who truly astonishes you, whether it be through what they’ve overcome, how much they’ve accomplished, how selflessly they give of themselves, or in the example they set for others?

We want to publish a list of the ten most inspiring women from the Darling community for 2016, and we need your help!

Send in your nominations today through Friday, February 12th  to Your email should include the following information about your nominee: 

  • First and last name.

  • Reason they inspire you — be as specific as possible in under 300 words.

  • Any relevant links — social, press, organizations, etc.

The Darling team will review all entries and then select ten to publish on our website later this spring! 

We’re excited to hear from you and get to know some amazing women.

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