Meet Geraldine Tan: Our November Guest Editor for The Stylist

geraldine tan

Award-winning blogger, emergency department doctor, and mommy of two?  It may seem unbelievable but Geraldine Tan, the woman behind UK based blog, Little Big Bell, is doing it all. Her creativity inspires us and her intelligence amazes us — which is why we are so excited to welcome her as November’s Guest Editor for the Stylist.

Geraldine’s love for color, design, and decorating is what led her to create a digital space where she could share her unique aesthetic with others. She has a special eye for spotting new talent in the world of design and decor, making Little Big Bell a hub for exciting new trends and brands. In addition, Geraldine is constantly creating beautiful, original content that she feels passionate about, which she styles and photographs herself. We love her ability to let her personal creativity shine while also giving light to the creativity and talent of others.

Throughout the month, Geraldine will be sharing a little bit of her magic with us. We can’t wait for you to see the beautiful content that this inspiring woman has in store.

Here is a bit more of what Geraldine has to say:

1. What is your favorite part of blogging about design, interiors and lifestyle?

I love blogging for the connections I get to make with like minded creatives. However, my favourite part is when I discover amazing new brands or products, and then get to put my own spin on them with styling and photography.

2. Where or who do you look to for design inspiration?

I have my own aesthetic and favourite colour palette, but I do get inspired by the trends I see during Fashion week and from browsing Pinterest.

3. What is one trend in interior design that you are especially excited about right now?

For this autumn season, I’m loving the trend for velvet sofas in shades of greens from Emerald tones to Sage. I’m also loving the warmth of brass in lighting, cutlery and decorative accessories.

4. Tell us about something that you are passionate about outside of design?

I’m passionate about my day job as a medical doctor in the emergency department. I love the buzz and excitement of being in the front line, dealing with complex medical problems and that wonderful feeling when you make someone feel better. I also love being a mother to my two children. They make me laugh and when I hug them at the end of the day, everything stressful just melts away.

5. What would be your advice to someone who is embarking on the task of decorating a new apartment or home?

I would say the best thing to do is to create a mood board on Pinterest, pinning the images of the styles you would like to create in your own home. Also, I would advise not to buy all the furniture and decorative accessories in one go. Start with a few favourite key pieces, then gradually add on with time to create the look you want. I may spend a little more, but I’ll go for design classics I love and not something that is just a current trend.

Stay tuned later this month for more inspiring design content from Geraldine! In the meantime, keep up with her over on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

Written for DARLING by Jessica Tomkins; Feature Image via Karolina Urbaniak

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