Are You Aware?

Are You Aware

Are you aware? Summer is here and all around me I see signs of my favorite season. These are signs often drowned out by my driven, Type A nature.

On my front porch there are three little birds who have just emerged from their small blue shells. They now tip their tiny beaks open, awaiting food.

Last week I planted some wonderful little seeds in small pots and after a heavy rain noticed just yesterday they were bursting through the soil reaching for sun. In a few weeks, they’ll provide a harvest.

During a stroll with my husband at dusk I walked through pockets of cool air — a reprieve from the warmth radiating from the hard ground.

In years past, I would have missed these signs. The subtle and not-so-subtle things that show life is happening all around me. Rushing out the door, I wouldn’t have noticed the hatched eggs. I would have been too busy to check my freshly planted seeds for progress. I would have run right through the whispered changes in the air and sky and ground.

But, I’ve made a pact with myself to be more aware. To enjoy the little things that I have discovered bring me alive.

What are you aware of today?

Image via Milena Mallory

Penny is a marketing consultant, writer and mentor to young creatives and social entrepreneurs. She spends much of her time marketing feature films and other entertainment properties. She previously was the Vice President of Marketing at International Justice Mission and has a passion to see injustice eradicated on the earth. She’s married and happy about it. She has two sons, a daughter-in-law and two alpacas. Follow Penny @pennyhunter.

  • Kaily July 5, 2015

    This is beautifully written. I find that sometimes I am too self-aware. However, this article made me stop and just re-focus. Today, I am aware of how beautiful Seattle is with people walking to and from coffee shops, the water front, even from inside the public library (which is a downtown treasure). I’m aware of discovering new nooks and crannies of this city I’ve called home for seven years.