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While colder temperatures can have me excited for a cozier wardrobe, the sweaters and hats do little to bring comfort to my hands — which, on good day with plenty of LA sunshine, usually need two to three squeezes of lotion in order to pass for anything but tight, dry, and itchy. Pretty, right?

I’ve always envied those who could go about their day without the slightest concern as to whether they remembered to drop a tube of lotion of their purse (or chapstick, while we’re at it) and instead only think of it if they happen across a tester bottle at a department store.

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Me, on the other hand, in part due to genetics, in part due to a battle with eczema as a kid and another part thanks to frequent germaphobic hand washing, my hands always, always seem to be dry. Cue the impending winter months and add in some very public, crowded holiday travel and you’ve already got me wondering which lotion to stock up on before hitting the road.

As a result of the above, being asked to try the new Skinfix™ Hand Repair Cream™  seemed like a no-brainer. Not only was I planning to take off for a long weekend in Colorado, but I’m always on the hunt for something portable, paraben-free, and that simply … works.

Skinfix promised to deliver on all three.

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Did it? Here are my thoughts:

At just 2 fluid ounces, Skinfix™ was an easy toss in my carry-on. It’s triangular shape made it convienient to slip in a bag pocket or a snap to find if digging around in my bottomless-pit-of-a purse. Win number one.

Ever conscious about what goes onto my skin (and therefore, eventually into my bloodstream) I was happy to see that Skinfix™ lacked common chemical irritants such as parabens, fragrance, steroids and phthalates. Lacking fragrance, in particular, was especially nice for traveling so I could lotion up without offending any neighbors. Fragrances are also known irritants (not good for eczema sufferers) and one of the least regulated chemicals in beauty products. To not have to constantly slather them into my palms was win number two.

Simply Works?
After using Skinfix™ for almost a week, I can honestly say that the product does indeed help with troubling skin. I noticed this in particular when it comes to the dry spots around my cuticles, which I’m constantly scratching subconsciously, to the point where I’ll sometimes bandage my thumbs in order to give them a fighting chance. Though it goes on slightly greasier than I would like, the lotion absorbs quickly and instantly cuts any itch or redness. While this might be a bigger issue for daily use, mid-flight I didn’t think it bothersome and found it almost a luxurious way to battle the dry climate of an airplane cabin. A third win.

I also liked that the moisture seemed to last. In between hand washings — which for me in a public place is fairly often — I noticed that my hands still felt soft and soothed after one use from the time I dropped my bag at check-in, took two trips to the ladies’ room, and until I carefully swiped down my seatbelt with an antibacterial tissue. (Yes, I’m that girl on the plane.) It was nice to feel like a little lotion went a long way, especially considering the price for Skinfix™’s two fluid ounces is $17.99 at Target. Not nearly as much as a prescription or luxury skincare brand, but still noteworthy for those who are budget conscious. You’ll get your money’s worth.

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Overall, I’d say Skinfix™ is, yes, a triple win.

It’s a great travel companion and beyond that, it actually appears to help your skin heal itself. Going back to my poor cuticles, their rough patches were virtually non-existent by the time I boarded my plane back home. And that was after my gloveless hands had to deal with Denver wind, rain, and even some last minute sleet. To this drought-stricken Californian, that was actually a welcome treat.

So, if you’re a germaphobe like me and relish the cold but no longer want your hands to pay the price, consider the simple indulgence of Skinfix™. In addition to the Hand Repair Cream™, they also offer a Body Repair Balm™ and  Daily Lotion™, good for those who — maybe unlike me — may need to endure winter’s sting a month or five longer.

If you live in any place besides Southern California, my skinfixed hand saluts you.

How do you protect your skin from harsh weather?

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  1. I love this! Just discovered it yesterday at Target for a sweet friend with troubled skin and I am happy I picked a good one. Thanks, Darling!

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