Pastels 3

Milky pinks, a wash of cloudy blue … winter needn’t be dark. A kiss of color can liven up any winter wardrobe and bring greatly needed warmth to a cold, dreary spirit. Using black and white as a foundation, adding pretty pastels to neutral attire allows one to anticipate the arrival of spring while still reveling in the calm of winter.

There are many different ways to incorporate pastels into your wardrobe this season. Add a pastel when you may typically choose a neutral color, such as wearing a powder blue wool coat or using a vintage mauve handbag. Pastels are charming and quite versatile, regardless of which shade you go with. For example, you can pair a white skirt with a black blouse then complement with lavender heels, a carnation pink coat, or periwinkle earrings. Wear a black leather jacket with skinny jeans and cotton-candy pink heels. You may also find it fun to add a touch of pastel to your beauty routine. Light pink lipstick goes nicely with an all-white ensemble, likewise, so do peachy cheeks with a champagne cape and black leggings.

Pastels 2

Spring blossoms are coming down the pike, but while the trees are still bare and the gardens yet desolate, add a touch of pretty pastel to keep on your colorful way.

Images via N.C. Winslow

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