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Summertime is the time for white! Although we believe that white can be worn all year round, there’s something nostalgic about taking out those light-colored clothes after being stored away all winter and decking yourself from head to toe!

These denim cutoffs paired with a simple white tee feel fun, fresh and classic. Since white on white color blocking can be such a statement, I decided for this look to stay jewelry free. This outfit was perfect for a day spent running around the streets of Los Angeles, playing at the beach, and then meeting with girlfriends for coffee in the afternoon.

The only drawback is how to avoid getting dirty (which is a challenge, as I am a spiller!), other than that, white is one of my favorite colors to wear and it draws out a nice summer tan.

White on White 5

Here are a few things to consider when putting together your all-white look:

1. If you want to add some sass to your summer whites, go for a mixed metal look. Midi rings are a great option (and Madewell has a ton right now) or try some fun arm swag like bangles and bracelets.

2. There is so much freedom in fashion during the summer. The rule is that there really are no rules. Don’t be afraid to mix shades of white, for example, white pants with an off white top.

3. White can be a dangerous color, one that does not hide stains and mess well. So be sure to carry some wipes and a bleach pen with you in your purse. They will definitely come in handy!

Lastly, as white is not the most forgiving color, fit is everything. Blousy, loose white tops work great, and a tailor will be your best friend when it comes to getting that perfect fit for your pants. You’ll want to start bigger on the pants and then get them custom tailored. (There’s nothing worse than white pants that are too tight!) As far as dresses go,  the classic A-line silhouette goes lovely on most figures, and is a great option for an all white look.

Here’s to embracing those summer whites, to staying classy, and to keeping it simple so that we can go out, play and enjoy the beauty of beach days with the ones we love. Host BBQs late into the night, spearhead a spontaneous road trip just because, and live life to the fullest!

How do you pull off the all white look in the summertime?

Images via Lindsey Shea


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