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We’re always wondering what other women are carrying around inside of their purses (in a non-creepy way, of course) so we thought it would be fun for you to get to know the women behind Darling Magazine a little bit better by taking a look inside of our bags.

Here’s what Darling Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Sarah Dubbeldam, carries around most often:

This Kara Bag is so beautifully made — from the stitching to the color of the leather to the shape and the way it hangs. The woven style is also very unique and well crafted. Inside I always keep two styles of glasses in case my outfit goes better with one or the other that day! I love my Smoke x Mirrors pair because they have the hint of being a classic aviator but have a very unique shape. The matte black with the gold is a beautiful combination and best of all? They are light as a feather! You barely feel them on your face and the lenses are a really nice tone that is easy on the eyes.

The Sunday Somewhere glasses are the perfect statement and the ideal shape for a cat eye. The coloring is gorgeous and they rest very comfortably on your nose. The shape is a little retro yet cool modern at the same time.

Hobo is one of my favorite bag companies because I like really sleek and simple design. This black wallet has ALL the perfect compartments — it’s like they actually thought of all the things a woman needs day to day and designed it with that in mind. The inside has a cool pattern and the clasp is really easy to open.

These are my favorite energy bars of all time! They have almond butter and other amazing flavors, not packed with sugar and actually not bad for you! I also love Simply Gum‘s packaging – and the gum is really great tasting – not too sugary and it lasts just the perfect amount of time.

Benefit Benebalm Lip Gloss is the perfect balance of sheer plus just enough color and it’s also very moisturizing — the perfect look for someone like me who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but wants a little hint of a lip. Also, Rouge Edition Velvet lip color is matte and perfect if you want color that will stay on for hours and be slightly darker than a nude lip! Great for a transition from work into evening.

This oil gives you a little pick-me-up during the day and smells absolutely beautiful — like a grove of orange trees. Also amazing, Grown Alchemist Mandarin and Rosemary Leaf Body Cream. It’s organic, isn’t greasy and is just the thing you need on your desk for moisture and a little pampering. If you need something for on-the-go, this Aesop sample-sized packet is the perfect alternative for if you have a small purse and just need a little one-two time use lotion packet stashed with you!

Finally, these little short stories are great to have in your purse. Pull out and read instead of scrolling one more time on Instagram!

Images via Cassidy Boatright



  1. that bag is gorgeous! and i love hobo wallets too but the one i had was so heavy and didn’t fit in some of my smaller purses. (it was a beautiful mint leather and got ruined — rip.)

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