We are so humbled by the moving, heart-felt, and encouraging words from our subscribers below:

“I love your mission. I wish you could get a copy to every high school girl in the nation” -Jeannine

“Your magazine holds to quality and beauty. I can’t wait to ask for a subscription to your magazines for Christmas.” -Rachel

“AMAZING! I’ve been affected by the overwhelming sense that I’m not beautiful, intelligent or worth a second look for most of my life. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon your uplifting and truth-filled website! THANK YOU!” -Megan

“I am so excited that such a lovely group of women who care about restoring femininity exists today! I cannot wait to read all of the articles in my new subscription.” – Anna-Maria

“Finally… a site about womanhood I can relate to!” -Laurelin

“Darling embodies my passion for the coalescence of old-fashioned femininity with new-fangled hardihood. Thank you for daring to represent true beauty. This place makes me happy.” -Madeleine

“I can’t wait to read more. Darling is the perfect blend of everything.” -Ali

“I have been looking for a women’s magazine that is mature and has substance, and what a gem Darling is! I look forward to reading more.” -Danielle

“I am about to be molded for the better” -Thembela

“I really like how Darling’s basis is positive and encouraging as opposed to negative and celebrity – obsessed.” -Taylor

“Darling is just what I needed. It has style and it is simple truth. I like truth. The world needs more truth.” -Christine

“I am so thankful for your inspirational magazine. More women need to know their value!” -Kate

“Thank you for this meaningful look at womanhood – helping us to embrace it, not reject it, or morph it into something it isn’t.” -Laura

“Darling is everything I’ve ever wanted in a magazine. So in love!” -Nikki

“Finally…Darling is what the women of the world need. Thanks for encouraging spirit, soul, and balance.” -Mary

“Darling’s mission statement inspires me, comforts me, and reminds me of my best friend” -Maria

“Darling is the most amazing work of art and inspiration I’ve ever seen. Keep it up!!” -Ashley

“Darling is like fresh air to the soul. Keep up the great work and I will be sure to spread the word about your awesome website and magazine!” -Audry

“It’s so lovely to find a magazine for women about women by women that is uplifting and encouraging.” Xochitl

“I’m really enjoying Darling. Unlike with other magazines, I’ve been taking my time with it as the articles often make me pause and think. The photography is really lovely as well.” -Mandy

“Darling is amazing! We should be PROUD to be women, and use every trait given us. Bravo!” -Meagan

“What a beautiful magazine! I am so excited and can’t wait to give them as gifts!” -Candace

“As a counselor working with young women, I simply love what you are doing!” -Lindsay

“I just got my issue and I am so obsessed with every single page. You ladies are so talented and are truly glorifying the Lord through your work. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! -Jenny

“As a therapist who is handy with matters of the heart, I love the mission your publication has and can’t wait to promote it to the masses (and my clients)! Spot on Darling!” -Kimberly

“Darling encompasses my heart for ministry with women. This is awesome! I remember being 13 years old and wishing that Brio Magazine was like Darling, I even wrote to their editor asking them to write about style.” -Susan

“Thank you for doing such a fabulous job with the first issue of the Magazine! It is so refreshing and inspiring to see womanhood revealed as a unique masterpiece that we cannot unveil without the Creator.” -Abigail

“What a refreshing publication. I am soaking up every article and am only a portion through my magazine! Thanks for the encouragement and the inspiration that makes me so thankful to be a woman beautifully created by God.” -JoAnne

“The illustrations on your site are beautiful.  I’m always on the prowl for good content and I think I’ve found it after reading your mission statement.” -Jana

“I rarely subscribe to anything but Darling is thoughtful, encouraging, genuine and honest. Well done!” -Stephanie

“It is refreshing to read something smart and meaningful. Thank you for putting this amazing work of art into the world!!” -Jen

“Darling seems to be more than a magazine and more like a movement.” -Kristi

“I’m a Christian youth worker in the UK and I run a self esteem ministry for girls in schools. Thank you for being a brilliant inspiration and resource” -Amy

“I love this magazine! My dream is to one day be apart of the darling team!” -Amanda

“Darling is a resource to encourage true beauty….and ultimately true freedom to be the woman God created you to be. Love having another option to share with my 3 daughters!” -Marie

“I love that you seem to embrace feminism on all terms without demanding a woman be like a man. This is exactly what women need!” -Cassi

“I most gratefully thank all of you for promoting a view of modesty, intelligence, thankfulness, and creativity. It certainly encourages me, as a young girl, to reach the highest heights of women’s potential for the sake of Jesus’ name.” -Victoria

“Wish something like this had existed 30 years ago!” -Lynette

“I just read, ‘It’s okay to not be okay’ and the reality of that statement filled me with so many emotions.. It really is okay to not be okay. Thank you for having this website.” -Cassandra

“I found Darling a few months ago, and it’s like breathing in fresh air. It makes me dream again. It reminds me of who I am. A woman. God’s crown of creation. Thank you, Darling.” -Lauren

“I am obsessed. Thank you for such a wise, life-giving magazine.” -Heather

“I am GRATEFUL to be part of such an incredible group of bold, loving and courageous women who are speaking the truth about the prisons of self-hatred women have suffered in for much, much too long. Excited for the freedom so many of these projects are bringing” -Kristie

“Women need more messages like the Darling mission” -Natalie

“I’ve been looking for something like this all my life!” -Ziba

“This is SO WONDERFUL! Thank you ladies for creating a darling magazine that’s both beautiful AND helpful!” -Kristina

“It seems like all main stream magazines encourage vanity, self destruction and over spending. Darling appears to be a breath of fresh air.” -Bianca

“I just about cried when I found Darling, I was so delighted. You are a something I’ve been wishing for for years.” -Amelia

“What a fantastic, uplifting, innovative, and truly original magazine this is.” -Tarah

“I want to have Darling Magazine at my salon and throw all of my other depressing, self-defeating women’s magazines away!!” -Laura

“This magazine is just, well… darling!” -Lisa

“Long live women and print magazines!” -Javier

“Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face today! This publication is fantastic and enlightening.” -Rocky

“Praise God that authentic femininity is finally being promulgated through the media!” -Lissette

“Darling is a dream come true. I’ve always looked for media that spoke to make me secure, not leave me wanting to be someone I’m not. I could only hope that women of all ages all over the world would have access to Darling.” -Chely

“Finally! A magazine that does not bombard me with beauty ads, sex tips all about him, and unrealistic and vain methods for living your life. So refreshing.” -Colette

“Great heart, full of beauty and classic character. I love the peace and the confidence imparted through your writing and aesthetics. Gorgeous.” -Meg

“I just found Darling. I have 4 daughters and after reading just a little bit I realized that you will be an amazing tool in helping me to influence their young lives in the right direction. Thank you.” -Krista

“I am a therapist who works with men and women struggling with body dissatisfaction. In a world of so many negative critiques of the body, it is refreshing to find your magazine which offers acceptance and hope. Thank you for what you do!” -Tracy

“Reading Darling articles makes me feel proud of who I am.” -Kylie

“Keep lighting up the darkness, Darling.” -Melissa

“Thank you so much for all that you are doing. I am deeply inspired and dream of someday making a difference in this world the way you are.” -Claire

“I am so fascinated by Darling. I love everything about what I’ve seen and read so far. I want to print out your mission image and hang it on my dorm room wall.” -Theresa

“I love the diversity of topics, the celebration of real femininity, and fresh, applicable advice” -Rebecca

“I thoroughly enjoy your articles and how they cater to a variety of personality types! It is wonderful to see a magazine that embraces all types of women and helps them see their power, beauty, and potential. Keep up the good work!” -Mary Ann

“I love the article I just read about the Humanitarian. It gives me hope to help victims of sexual violence.” -Cecilia

“I’m passionate about the mission of Darling magazine. The articles I read were like a blast of fresh air to all the frustrations and hurts myself and so many others have experienced from our culture” -Hannah

“I have fallen in love with your magazine over the past several hours as I was lured in by the writings of your talented contributors. I am a novice writer myself and you have inspired me to start a blog with a goal of becoming part of your team” -Debra

“My 3 sisters and I LOVE Darling! We’re enjoying the articles and beautiful photos and we say “AMEN!” to your mission statement. Keep the positive messages coming!” -Theresa

“Darling may be written for women, but men need to know its message as well since they often influence, encourage, or discourage image and direction” -Ben

“Love Darling!  Keep doing what you’re doing.  Revolutions start small.” -Heather

“I was sick of all the sexual and superficial magazine content that invades my workplace. Thank you for being different!” -Lucy

“I love this! As I’m preparing to graduate from college, I’m seriously trying to wrap my head around what it means to be a woman and what it means for me, Bethaney, to follow Jesus. Thank you for being additional voices in this journey.” -Bethaney

“The word itself epitomizes the gracious and sincere approach Darling takes in addressing important and delicate and worthwhile lessons for women. Love love love.” -Chantelle

“Thank you for your mission statement! The ‘bra burners’ have tried to make womanhood a bad thing… You prove it isn’t!” -Michelle

“I love what Darling stands for…it’s about time for a women’s magazine based on integrity and true issues.” -Lisa

“Hi, Darling. You are beautiful. Thanks for existing. I thank God for you. -Vania

“I think your motives for this movement are brilliant and beautifully broadcasted. I find your endeavor a breath of fresh are in our society. Thank you for your intentionality in the realm of creativity and depth!” -Emily

“I love that it’s so positive and uplifting. It focuses on beauty from the inside-out, not just outside beauty. I love the diversity that each topic covers, so I feel like each little bit of my interests are fed!” -Tatiana

“I love to read your stories! They help me stay positive and realize how great this life is! Thank you!!!” -Kerri

“Darling inspires me every time I read it. It is the perfect thing to read in between classes or on a study break. It fills me up to keep on going throughout my day! Thank you for what you are doing!” -Malorie

“I’ve been wondering for a while when a female counterpart to Art of Manliness would pop up and what it would look like – it seems like y’all might have the staying power to do just that…” -Claire

“I love Darling! It gives me hope in goodness and faith that women can still be wholesome people, love God and others without losing themselves in this crazy world. You guys do incredible work! Keep it up!” -Veronica

“Absolutely beautiful online magazine! After years of subscribing to Elle magazine and feeling disappointed I’ve finally found a magazine that appeals to me completely!! Thanks so much for being a great inspiration to women! -Chloe

“I love it! Keep on doing what you are doing. I love the fact that you cater to each individual type of girl. That is hard to find nowadays. Thank you.” -Ariana

“I am so happy this exists!  Your content brings a smile to my face, warmth to my heart, and encouragement to by drained spirit.” -Sheena

“I am a high school teacher and your target audience needs this type of media! Thank you for creating such a platform!” -Becca

“Your magazine beautifully executes one of the most important issues of today. I’m so proud of the dream that you’ve made a reality.” -Terry

“You guys are amazing! I read the article about skinny vs healthy and I have never felt more proud of my body. Keep being awesome.” -Katherine