Haley has Salvation Mountain on her mind: “My husband sent me a little reminder about how lucky we were to go to Salvation Mountain and meet Leonard Knight (the artist) a few years back. He is now living in a facility and not at his property, where he created the Mountain.”

Morgan has been loving her Holga camera: “Inspired by the colors and mood that the season of fall evokes, this week I put technology aside & decided to explore with a Holga Camera in my bag instead of my usual digital. These toy cameras create such unique and magical images!”

Saralyn has her eyes on some new wall art: “I love Scarlet & Gold prints. Especially the wood ones.”

Tracy shares her cinematic taste: “Any film from Wes Anderson is sure to entertain and visually stimulate the mind. And though I haven’t found any Anderson film as riveting as the Royal Tenenbaums, his latest flick has great potential and I can’t wait to see what character and  storyline he drums up this time.”

Sarah seeks a quiet moment: “After a hectic week of traveling and moving, lighting a Boulangerie candle, curling up in a soft blanket, and letting the mind wander out the window does wonders in providing rest for the soul.”

Ziza can’t get enough of The Punchbowl: “You feel healthier just by walking in the door. Recently discovered within walking distance of my apartment, the genuine staff, on point decor and outrageous smoothie and juice combinations make this place dangerously addictive. The Greena Colada will change your life.”


Image by Noelle Johnson via Flickr

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