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In true “stylist” persona fashion (pun intended), Haley is very excited for the start off New York fashion week: “I will be on www.style.com daily to check out the latest shows and pieces to obsess over. Cheers to NYFW!”

Sarah is already thinking of cooler weather: “I love Kiho’s Uka nail oils for winter—I saw them on Vogue’s Instagram!”

Morgan discovered a new favorite snack this week: “I absolutely love breakfast foods, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this Cherry Nut Granola Recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, Sprouted Kitchen! I’ve been snacking on it all week.”

Mercedes is beating the heat with cool treats: “With this crazy heat I am into any and everything that cools you off: popsicles from Sweet Clementine’s Pops and iced lattes from LAMILL aid in beating the heat.”

Tracy is living vicariously through the back-to-schoolers through her recent gift from Hershel: “My work requires me to always schlep stuff around and this survey backpack is the best. They come in all sorts of colors, but this one reminds me of fall and all things tomboyish which is my current obsession as well.”

Natalie is super into the new Madewell collection for fall: “The theme of the Madewell fall collection is wildly simple, featuring a mix of cool and classic pieces that absolutely have me swooning. If I had to ditch my entire wardrobe and start totally fresh, this is pretty much what I’d replace it with.”

This week, Saralyn is so inspired by Katie Daisy and her beautiful art: “Her work is so full of life and joy, and it has got me trying some painting of my own!”

Photo by Shannon Lee Miller

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