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Sarah loves Hershel Supply Co. bags: “These bags are lightweight, functional, and work perfect for computers!”

Natalie has her eye on a new J.Crew puffer vest: “Vests are so versatile and help ease the transition from summer to fall. I especially adore the stripes, which are timeless and nautical and go with anything.”

Kelli has Spicy Sausage, Potato & Kale Soup on the brain: “The nostalgia of Fall is brought on by sights, smells and tastes. As we wrap up the 2013 Fall issue, It has me wishfully longing for chilly Autumn to come early! Sadly, it may be a few more months for all the California dreamers. This hearty yet healthy soup recipe has step by step instructions paired with gorgeous photos, so even a novice like me has a chance. Bon appetit!”

Saralyn has been making some tasty cookies: This week I am loving Recipe Girl and her to-die-for Snickerdoodle Pudding Cookies. I’ve made them twice this week already and everybody can’t get enough!”

Haley recently discovered a documentary called Blackfish: “It is about Orca whales—them in general, but mostly focusing on the idea of them in captivity. It is a beautiful documentary about the masterful animals. It’s informative about orcas and their history, celebratory of the beauty of the animal, and inquisitive about captivity and all the harm it does. WONDERFUL.”

Morgan has really enjoyed watching This Wild Idea: “It’s a yearlong story-telling documentary of a man named Theron and his dog Maddie as they traverse across all 50 states highlighting how pets transform our lives for the better.”

Mercedes loved the Russell Foster Ted Talk, “Why Do We Sleep?“: “I recently have been pursuing further personal health—for myself and marriage—in a variety of ways, but have been really reminded of the importance of sleep.”

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