WeekendLinks4 Tracy found Netflix gold: “Though Instant Watch on Netflix usually provides a selection of nostalgia and time killers, I recently watched a film that was heartbreakingly beautiful and, by far, has been my favorite film on instant. I would advise anyone who has two hours free, a box of kleenex and a love for character development to check out What Maisie Knew.”

Morgan is feeling inspired: “I recently discovered the blog The Daily Positive where you will find daily inspiration on making the world around you a better place. Give it a read, you won’t be disappointed.”

Sarah recommends A Well Traveled Woman: “Such a beautiful site that’s visually inspiring to me.”

Ziza applauds this man: “This clip from the British X Factor will leave you speechless. I’m always encouraged to hear stories of people pushing through their fears and going for their dreams — and Christopher demonstrates that it’s never too late to do so. I love the look of surprise on the judges faces!”

Mercedes sips on the season: “With all of the Christmas cheer, all I am in the mood for is a classic Bing Crosby Christmas album on our record player and this coconut milk hot chocolate made by Silly Cow Farms that was given to me from my sweet friend Sarah. Warm Holiday cheer!”

Haley is loving DC All Access: “Comic lovers get ready to be excited. This is a new online series hosted by Blair Herter and Tiffany Smith. The show gives an inside look at all things DC related and it is awesome! Here is the latest episode. ENJOY!”  

Image via Morgan Ashley Photography  

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