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A few weeks ago Branden Harvey took over our Instagram account, melding his beautiful images with thought-provoking captions. We were so happy to share a slice of life as seen through his lens, yet, we were even more touched to receive his surprising thank-you note.

To the incredible people at Darling,

I want to thank you.

I just bought the most recent issue of Darling for my sweet girlfriend, Sammi Horne  (Shh! She doesn’t know yet!).  Today she boarded a plane in Nashville, TN, where she’s called home for years, and this evening she’ll land in Portland, OR, where I’ve called home for years.  She’s making the big move to Portland and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ve been buying some items for her new home to help her feel comfortable and excited when she gets here.  A quick flip through your beautiful magazine left me speechless.  This is going to be the perfect thing to make her feel confident and inspired in a different city.

The words you write are soaked in truth.  You’ve created something beautiful and necessary for our culture.  Thank you for what you do and thank you for who you are.  You’re changing countless lives with the work you do, mine included.

With gratitude,


Image via Branden Harvey. See more of his Instagram snaps by searching #darlinginstatakeover.

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