We cannot wait for you to read our interview with the legendary Kathy Bates in our upcoming Issue No. 17. A woman with so much character, grace and wisdom, she exudes a presence quickly growing rare in the world.

We couldn’t confine her just to the pages of our magazine, so below is the first of three videos where we’re gleaning her advice on camera. Here she is sharing what she’d go back to tell her 30-year-old self.

She strikes the heart and is spot. on.

Find our full-length interview with Kathy on page 108 of Darling Issue No. 17. Don’t forget to become a subscriber HERE so that you can be one of the first to read it!

Video directed by Nathan Presley; Produced by Rebekah Shannon; Music by Joshua Peterson; Feature Image by Kat Borchart for Darling Issue No. 17



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