The world screams at women: “This is what you should be, right now.” Ten minutes later, the standard changes, and women run to catch up. Darling challenges women to become what they are made to be. It combats the model of today’s society that commands women to rebel against their nature and act more like men. The feminist movement is weak because it demands equality without giving it. Many women are running in the direction that denies them true freedom. 

Who Am I?

A woman. Una mujer. Une femme. Una donna.

Do not forget that we are strong. But this is not brawn. Strength signifies the beauty of our golden hearts and engaged minds that have the power to shape life and culture.

I am God’s Creation. Created beautifully. Lovely. To befriend each other, to behold beauty and love one another.

I am unique.

God created Adam to be relational, so was not surprised to see his need for a mate. It would have been easy for God to just put together another man, since he had already created one. But no. God created Eve. A woman. She was something so different that God and Adam stood back and were amazed. We are not just equal. We are unique. Given a unique mission by our Creator to explore what He created.

Now, culture ties a woman’s value to her beauty or to her ability to achieve social or political prowess. Wear this, wear that. Eat this, eat that. Watch this, watch that. Buy this, buy that. Be this, be that, and etc. No wonder the women of today often feel lost and hurt. Casting about for something to give our lives value, we judge our merit by sexual and social conquest. We make love subjective. We hate boundaries. We love rebellion. And we hurt because of it. We must find one constant to measure ourselves against, and it cannot be the culture of the moment. To find a true center of meaning, we must look to the beginning. We must look before things spun out of control and we lost ourselves in a deluge of chaos.

I am loved. We are taught that love comes to us at the price of certain conditions. We must act a certain way and wear certain things and give certain things to get love. It’s the same way with everyone. Unconditional love is a foreign concept, and some people believe some people are simply not loveable. We must challenge our boundaries of love and move closer to having a heart that overflows for others. Granted we are far from loving like God, but if we move an inch closer with love, so many things will change. As a matter of fact, the whole world will change.

Our goal.

I felt the need to answer the question of female identity before I knew I could write for a woman’s magazine. The need to know “who” and not “what” a woman is. For “what” signifies something without soul and we all know that women have soul.

Our goal is to slow down and even stop the erosion of women’s souls by focusing on who they are and not what. Darling Magazine is an aid to the woman’s soul. Help for college ladies, independent singles, and working mothers. In our modern day, life comes with no refrain for women; we have the luxury of time to focus on our inner selves, knowing who we are and what we should change to better change the world. Let’s be women who think deep, question well, and live out what we believe to be true of ourselves.


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