Leading up to the new year and our exciting developments with the #DarlingMovement, we want to take the next twelve days to maintain a sure tone and steady footing in our mission and what it means. The days prior to Christmas are traditionally ones of joyful hope and expectation for renewal, and it’s with that same sentiment that the heart of Darling beats and finds its rhythm. Therefore, we’ll be presenting successive excerpts from our mission statement for you to use in pondering and reflecting on your own heart’s aim. We hope these words can encourage and strengthen you for the better.


What does femininity mean to you? Does it need to be reshaped in our culture?

Artwork via Angela Duncan


  1. To embrace our gift to cultivate and nurture. That is femininity to me. It is creativity, determination, passion, tenderness, and tenacity – all working together to bring forth something great. When I think of the truly feminine women in my life I think of the women who are drenched in wisdom from life experience. Truly feminine women affirm and nurture those around them; it is a joy to sit in their presence. Truly feminine women love life, and they look for ways to enrich the lives of those around them.

  2. According to dictionary.com, the word feminine is defined as “having qualities traditionally ascribed to women, as sensitivity or gentleness.” But that definition in itself lays the problem: to be feminine, a woman must possess traditional qualities like those mentioned previously. Over the years, dainty, passive, soft-spoken women have been revered while strong, passionate and aggressive women are looked down on. Just take the early Disney movies – the kind Snow White represents idealized femininity while her powerful step-mother takes on the title of Evil Queen. But what if Disney got the story wrong? We are more than capable of breaking from traditional roles while still maintaining our femininity. Who says we cannot share Snow White’s innocence and the Evil Queen’s passion? I say we take the world by storm – be movers and shakers in dresses and heels.

  3. To me, femininity is embracing what being a woman means to you and doing things that make you feel empowered by your feminine side. I think that it is really important for women to be both strong and powerful while at the same time staying women, and not feeling like we have to be like men. It is possible to hang on to qualities of being sweet, kind, and girly while fiercely refusing to let the world bet against us because of those feminine qualities, which define who we are and shape our identities.

  4. Femininity means embracing our God-given design. We can wear dresses, so let’s wear them. We have have children, so let’s have them. Let’s celebrate that we are comforters, homemakers and creative inspirers, being strong yet girly, gentle and kind.

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