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Summer is in full swing and if you’re like us, you’ve probably been itching to get out of the house and go somewhere. With Expedia, Hopper, and countless apps and websites at your fingertips, it may seem hard to justify hiring a travel agent. Sure, you can plan your own trip, but there are some very quantifiable benefits to hiring a professional. Why spend hours watching YouTube videos to fix your sink, when a plumber could fix it in a matter of minutes? So sit back, relax, and let us do all the heavy lifting. You just pack up and go.

I’m Lillian Rafson, founder of Pack Up + Go, a travel agency whose purpose is to encourage Americans to get out and explore the many great destinations there are in the U.S. with a sense of spontaneity and open-mindedness. We plan 3-day weekend trips around the United States. The catch? Your destination is a surprise until the day you depart.

So, you ask, why should I relinquish control over planning my vacation? Here are three reasons you’ll be glad you hired a travel agent:

1. Save time (and stress!) before you travel.

Most of us have probably spent hours and hours pouring over flights and hotels, flipping between tabs and windows comparing options. Vacation should be about relaxation, so planning one shouldn’t stress you out. With a travel agent, the only thing you have to worry about is getting to the airport on time.

2. Enjoy the ride once you’re there.

You’ve arrived at your destination, and you’re all settled into the hotel. What should you do now? Are there any museums nearby? You’ve heard some cool new breweries opened up in the city recently, but where are they and when do they close? As if the flights and hotel weren’t stressful enough, suddenly you find yourself with even more research that needs to be done.

Travel agents know what’s going on in your destination city and what’s worth checking out (and even what’s worth skipping!). And if they’re really doing their job, they’ll tailor their recommendations to your preferences. All you have to do it get out there and have fun.

A travel agent will sit on hold with an airline for three hours while you enjoy a Mai Tai and your favorite book at the airport bar.

3. Issues while traveling? We get stressed out so you don’t have to.

Things happen. People miss trains. Flights get cancelled. More often than not, these hiccups are out of your control. What’s not out of your control is who has to deal with those situations. A travel agent will sit on hold with an airline for three hours while you enjoy a Mai Tai and your favorite book at the airport bar. What’s not to love about that?

So next time you’re looking to get away, remember that vacation should be relaxing! Leave the legwork to the professionals.

What stresses you out the most preparing for summer travel?

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