It only takes a person 4 seconds to form an opinion about another individual. This is primarily based upon what that person looks like; it has much to do with their grooming and what they have chosen to put on their body. These choices can also inform the way they carry themselves.

Our garments are an outward expression of inner passions, joys, inspirations, personal culture, experiences, knowledge, interests, family and country history. They are a tool to make ourselves into a particular form: to be fashioned.

“Style” is set apart from “trends.” Trends can be a fun addition to one’s life. However, they should not dictate your personal style, nor define your visual aesthetic. You should always take into account what suits your body type, coloring, and perspective of the world.

Take a moment of introspection and think about what it is you would like others to perceive from you. What is the emotion or image you want to project? What colors, places, experiences, cultures, sounds, textures will your choices include? How can you incorporate your vision into your personal style? Style is part of your character; not entirely, but it is a key component.

The repeated job of dressing is an opportunity to bring beauty to daily experiences, not just for your own pleasure but to enrich the lives of others that surround you.

Utilize your 4 seconds.



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