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Though the holidays are close on our heels — whether we want to believe it or not — why play into the resulting stress with more stress? Since it’ll typically be during these next two months when our calendars bloom with dinners, parties and dozens of different people, fight the urge to get overwhelmed and instead, see gatherings as excuses to get creative.

It might be a lot easier than you think.

We took on Target’s White Plate Challenge to prove that a blank slate doesn’t have to be boring. It actually provides the springboard for any number of table settings and decor ideas. Below, we’re sharing three inventive ways you can use an item you probably already have in your cupboard to spark the creative genius inside you this celebrating season. All white? All right.


Easy Eclectic
Or, we could probably also affectionately call this one Anything Goes At Grandma’s House. With your white plate as an anchor, have fun pulling in any sort of mix-matched vases, candleholders, patterned placemats, anything you like. The beauty of an eclectic table setting is that you don’t have to worry if you lack a set of matching glasses (or flatware, for that matter) because you can still make it intentional.

A basic white plate keeps the table from looking too chaotic and adding flowers with a similar color palette will help the trick the eye into thinking everything is cohesive. Refrain from taking your decor too seriously. It’ll help set the tone for a relaxed, yet purposeful, night.

Dinner Plate / Woven Napkin / Placemat (Similar + Similar) / Silver Mason Jars (large, medium, small) / Gold Mason Jars (XL, large, medium, small) / Red Vase (Similar) / Green Vase (Similar)


Into The Woods
The holidays can be a perfect time to think outside the box and have a little fun. For many of us as kids, dinner around the table could almost be torturous as we scarfed down veggies in anticipation of reuniting with our newly unwrapped toys. As adults, we can still capture that whimsical and playful spirit (though hopefully we’re now a little more patient) by setting a similar scene at our dining room table.

Wrapping paper offers a cheaper, more unique alternative to traditional tablecloths, not to mention it also grants license to buy that slightly fancier roll. If you’re wondering where to put that too-cute-you-couldn’-t-pass-it-up animal ornament, consider pairing them all together with a few delicate vases. It’ll keep the setting from appearing too juvenile while still providing fun talking points.

Dinner Plate / Woven Napkin / Deer Figurine / Birdies (Target, n/a online) / Hippo S&P Shakers / Amber Vases (Similar) / Copper Mug

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By Candlelight
Not everyone needs to plan dinners for parties of eight or more. In fact, maybe you want to play this holiday season close to the heart and focus on a romantic dinner with your spouse or special someone. Even if it’s not fine bone china, a simple while plate will still do wonders for creating a chic and classy vibe, especially when you kill the overhead light and strike a match (or several, depending on your striking finesse).

The key to pulling off an all-white ensemble is to refrain from trying to match each shade of white perfectly. An organic, loose collection of warm tones will look better, as will adding in a pop of metallic and balancing it all with a touch of greenery.

Dinner Plate / Woven Napkin / Placemat / Gold Hammered Tray

How do you get inspired for your holiday decor?

Photography by Milena Mallory

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