Last week we sent out a reader survey to all of our subscribers and shop customers. An overwhelming amount of you responded and shared your voice with us, for which we are so glad and incredibly grateful.

Therefore, since we got to know so many of you, we here at Darling want to make sure you know us and our true heart behind Darling–to be so much more than a magazinebut actually a powerful movement. 

That begins with introducing you to our vision for the new year. When Darling officially began back in 2011, the aim and effort was always to spark a revolution with how society represents women through how women see themselves — building awareness, inspiring courage and developing hope in the individual through the many personas one could have. We developed our mission statement to pave the way for our website and print magazine, however, now that we have those well under way we want to ensure we’re doing more than just writing about Darling, but living out the movement as well.

So what is the #DarlingMovement? It’s our plan of action to get the word out, to get you involved, and to get change happening. It starts with this winter issue. Shipping out today, inside your copy of issue six, you’ll find the Darling Challenge. These are eight ways to foster growth, maturity and refinement in our lives based on the eight personas. The Challenge is the first of many Darling facets we’re developing and hope to bring you in on—leading to Darling talks, dinners, conferences, retreats and so much more–all to build and strengthen the art of being a woman. Creating beauty. Embodying love. Original, exceptional, and here for a purpose.

Won’t you join us?



  1. I’m in love with your magazine; it embodies everything I (hope to) stand for, and encourages me to be the woman I want to be. Thank you!

  2. Hi! A friend of mine referred me to your Darling Movement and I’m very intrigued. I feel like I would be a perfect fit! Can I get more info please?! XO Jillian

    1. Hi Jillian! Our #DarlingMovement represents the effort to enact our mission statement in real life through a multitude of ways. We already do this through the content we produce with our print issues, but in the new year we’re also planning more interactive outlets for our readers, the Darling Challenge being one such way. We want to redefine and reemphasize the facets of womanhood that traditional magazines and media can exploit. The ‘About Darling’ tab at the top of the page can also give you more information, as can staying plugged in here! Glad you found us!

    1. yes! check back online in the coming weeks for issue six’s Darling Challenge.

  3. Wow. This is so great. I’m honestly so in love with this message&movement. Thank you for providing an alternative to so much trashy advice marketed at young women like me.

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