Brooke and Becky Jo are the girls behind the Wild Love Tour, an unscripted journey of two women traveling throughout Europe filming a documentary about love. They are best friends and life enthusiasts, passionate about people having seen the power of love shift hearts and empower lives of purpose. Their trip evolved from a bout of wanderlust, fueled by faith and determination; what was once a dream and good idea has now become the Wild Love Tour. 

Wild Love is rebellion in its purest form, revolutionizing perceptions the world has about the value of each individual through honor, encouragement, and random acts of kindness. This project is designed to reveal true identity and the value of each person by releasing hope through personal interaction as an organic approach to truth.

We are 49 days into our adventure, having been to Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania, and now Italy. Along the way we have met people from all walks of life, some of them being gypsies, hundreds of them in fact. Our compassion overflows for the gypsy people; throughout generations they have been completely outcast and somewhere in this destructive cycle they’ve started to believe they’re worthy of that sort of treatment. Wild Love Tour seized the opportunity to remind these people how truly precious they are and did what we could to change their ideas of themselves.

During the first week of our stay in Albania, we spotted a little girl begging along the boardwalk. We sat waiting for her to approach us and once she did, we attempted to get to know her. We have learned that these children are beaten if they don’t bring home enough money to their parents, who then usually spend it on drugs and cigarettes. Our heart was to not just give money to children to shoo them away, but for them themselves, as individuals. We wanted this one, precious little girl in front of us to understand that she was valuable and that we wanted to be friends with her. Sadly, this seemed too much for her to understand. Her hopes were set on the money and expected nothing more than that. In fact, when she didn’t get money from us she got mad. Everyday we’d walk the city in hopes to see this girl and her sister. When we did, we would smile and wave but they would turn away. Each time we encountered them they softened a bit, intrigued by our consistency, yet, still suspicious of our intentions.

Wild Love is rebellion in its purest form, revolutionizing perceptions the world has about the value of each individual through honor, encouragement, and random acts of kindness.

Eventually they let us buy them Cokes and walk with them, and another night we played bumper cars with their friends. Afterward, we offered to walk them home and we walked a mere 500 meters to a blanket in the grass where they all slept. The next morning, we surprised them with loads of food and sat with them and their mothers. Unable to communicate with words, the precious kids climbed in our laps, hanging from our necks and playing with our hair. The children responded to our tenderness because it was something absent from their everyday lives. They even gestured they saw a brightness in our eyes.

At first, our hearts were upset with the mothers until we realized they are only products of what they’ve been taught, and though they send their children to beg for money, they do love and care for them in the only way they know how. Until we believe in the better of people and share love as a result of that, we will never see change. Locals tell us we’re crazy; they say gypsies don’t deserve love, but who really deserves love? We only receive as much love as we think we deserve, and that reflects on the way love and treat others. If only we could understand that we all have a priceless value. Whether it is the gypsies of Albania or the wealthiest man in Italy, we all just want to be accepted and loved.

We have three months and 11 countries left, including but not limited to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, and England. Bouncing from trains to host homes, to “must sees”, we will be capturing the story as it unfolds along the way.

How are you inspired to love “rebelliously”?

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  1. My heart absolutely bursts, I love this story and these girls approach, I am speachlessly impressed and touched by this. Being a military wife in an ever changing community, forever wandering to and fro, following a man who is devoted to peace and searving a loving God. I often find myself in moments with other wives and mothers in the Same community as I am with broken worn out faces, I don’t alway get to hear their stories or know why they are hurting, but kind words and a smile can go a long way. Their message of love can remind us and encourage us not only to spread love over the world but in our own town, or wherever God may place us at any moment. Every one needs to feel true selfless love.

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