I can’t help but feel my heart
is a suitcase,
made for the leaving,
always packed and waiting,
it is
sitting by the door.

Memories of places been once
before are nestled inside
of me,
but space within there
shall always be,
to fill and cram
with so much more.

So if by chance you too have
a suitcase heart like me,
pick it up and take it,
why don’t you,
and carry it with mine.
Let us keep on
go go going,
Let us explore and never stop,
till we’ve rolled and dragged
our suitcase hearts  across
every snowy mountain top.

And when we’re finally opened up,
to be at last unpacked,
all that anyone shall inside see,
is our travel memories,
hoarded by both you and me.
But not shall we regret a thing,
or beg to forgive,
for to travel is to live.

Image via Aysegül Karatekin



  1. I love this poem, it’s so beautiful! It perfectly describes how my wife and I feel about traveling. I shared it on our travel blog, giving you credit of course. I hope that’s ok.

  2. This poem has joined the collection of others I keep in my journal. Please keep writing such inspiring works!

  3. “To travel is to live.”
    I love that so much, and it resonates with me. Although I haven’t traveled in a while (aside from moving from China to Hawaii to DC in the last 2 years). I’m itching to go back to Europe and truly be a tourist again, get lost in a foreign place. Thank you for feeding my traveler’s heart with your beautiful words!

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