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Brandi and Sahar, friends and founders of the WordLove tour, are pursuing a life of purpose. In order to accomplish this, they have developed a conference to be held in Los Angeles and Denver where they give others the tools to both find their passion in life and how to use words to strengthen themselves in every situation.

The drive to use their story as a testimony makes these lovely ladies our Confidant(s) Embodied today.

Darling Magazine: What is the purpose behind the WordLove tour?

Brandi: We have two purposes with our missions colliding. My purpose is to guide, provide and motivate people to create a life doing what they love and what they are passionate about. I want to provide them with the tools and techniques to do so. As an entrepreneur for 15 years, I am an example of following your heart to do what you love. And it’s been an amazing journey!

Sahar: When you are individually at peace with who you are and how you live life, you give more back to your friends, family and community. This is the building block to actually changing the world. If we all live true to our voice – our inner value and purpose – which includes doing what we love, we become the living example that fuels others. With WordLove we wanted to bring together those who are getting there and living examples of those who’ve broken through.

DM: What do you hope people get out of attending WordLove?

Brandi: The confidence, tools and techniques to find their voice and do what they are passionate about.

Sahar: A new ear. Recognizing their unique vocabulary and how their words build the walls to their prison or the path to the life they crave.

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DM: How has your friendship with each other affected you?

Brandi: Sahar has changed my life! She brings me so much inspiration and strength and reminds me on a daily basis to be true to myself, to speak my mind and to live passionately. Also, her passion for fashion is a huge inspiration. She is my fashion hero!

Sahar: There is no way to sum that up in this short space; the story of how we met is on our website. Brandi came into my life at a pivotal crossroad when I was just finding my voice. Her generosity and mentorship 10 years ago is a big reason why I even started this path versus another. I always tell her I am a living, breathing success story of her “Do What You Love” workshop.

DM: What does it mean to be a good friend and a good mentor? Are the two related at all?

Brandi: To be a good friend, you must truly accept each other, through the good and the bad, and be there to support and love unconditionally … all the while having a fun time living life together!  To be a good mentor is to be there unconditionally, to share your journey in ways that lead a positive example. It’s also very important to take the challenges and turn them into positive experiences. Focus on the bright side, always!

Sahar: Empathy. That is all you need to be a good friend and mentor. To understand all the days that makes up the person in front of you. Respecting their voice and their process will empower them. That radiance only shines back upon you. I am not related to Brandi, but I can tell you we are soul sisters because she gives heart-to-heart hugs (literally, she leans to the left) that last more than five seconds. Ever notice how quickly people let go? Not Brandi.

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DM: Why is “doing what you love and loving what you do” so important?

Brandi: When we do what we love, we are mentally, physically and soulfully fulfilled. It empowers us to spread the love and inspire others to do so. Doing what you love and the energy behind it is contagious!

Sahar: When you are living your strengths you are naturally a happy person. We only get this one life, and time can be a thief, so why waste it doing what you think you’re supposed to be doing? Instead, do what you are meant to be doing and your entire quality of life will improve.

DM: How do words affect our lives? Why are they so important to how we view the world?

Brandi: Words can do harm. Words can inspire. Words can hurt. It’s important to formulate our thoughts and transform them into words that we express out into the world that will make a positive impact. Sahar’s passion for helping other people find their voice is a life changer.

Sahar: Words are the one thing we have in common. It is how we communicate with ourselves and with everything in our life.  Our words form our life more than a paycheck, a house or even family members. You internal words define who you are. If you’re holding onto an old story within, your current existence will mimic that value. Learning a vocabulary that is a true reflection of your worth will bleed into every aspect of your life, because at the end of the day, you are using that same vocabulary to set boundaries, negotiate in love and at work, or to express your feeling to friends and family. Words are how we filter the world; a negative vocabulary will always see the gloom of their community.

See what WordLove Tour is doing by checking out #wordlovetour. Purchase tickets for the LA or Denver conference, here.

Images via Tory Rust, Jennifer Salter and Ed LaCasse

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  1. This insight into WorldLove is a powerful instigator and a tremendous encouragement. Time and again, trials occur that can seemingly diminish your capacity to succeed. Yet, it is a mindset and an attitude that set apart those who give up and those who flourish. These ladies’ decision to gift others with their time and knowledge is a testament to the passion they feel in their own lives.

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