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Here at Darling, we value the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why we’re thrilled to share with you about The Birch and The Bee—a new venture by some friends of ours. Read on to learn more about who they are, what they do, and how you can get your hands on their amazing products…

Can you tell our readers about The Birch and The Bee?

Founded with the dual purpose of fun and quality craftsmanship at its core, The Birch and The Bee grew from a homespun project into a full line of jewelry. The creatures and objects that have found their way into the line are inspired by daydreams and travels and the adventure of daily life. The owl beckons you to a woodland trail, while the monster warns that danger lurks at every corner. The pair of cactus are a reminder of the constancy of the barren desert, and the camera begs you to take it all in. Each unique design celebrates the carefree spirit of creation and exploration.

The Birch and The Bee | Darling Magazine

Why did you choose to make your pieces out of wood?

While the elegance of precious metal and stone is undeniable, there is something comforting about wood. We use it to make luxurious furnishings, sturdy cutting surfaces, and delicate music boxes; so why not jewelry? That’s the question we found ourselves asking when The Birch and The Bee was born.

As a high-quality and renewable resource, wood is an ideal place for design inspiration to take shape. Its strength and rigidity protect it from harm, while its near weightlessness makes it perfectly wearable. The natural beauty of the wood grain and its color variation add depth and a sense of liveliness to the whimsical creatures and objects etched in its surface. By using a laser cutter to shade, etch and cut out each piece, we preserve the integrity and beauty of each hand-selected piece of wood. In this way, each ring and earring is created to be both a durable and playful adornment.

The Birch and The Bee | Darling Magazine

You currently have a campaign on Kickstarter to raise initial funds. Can you tell us more about that?

The Birch and The Bee is about collaboration, about bringing good things together to become even better. We are a group of good friends that have brought together imaginative vision, aesthetic direction, and technical wherewith-all to produce our line of accessories. Now we are just missing those final pieces to bring this project to life: enthusiasm and financial support.

By backing The Birch and The Bee, supporters can be in on the ground floor of this endeavor, and will have the opportunity to reserve accessories at a discounted price.

The Birch and The Bee | Darling Magazine

Where can our readers order your products?

Since we’re just starting out, we’re currently only selling our products through Kickstarter pledges. We currently have $604 of our $2,500 goal and the campaign ends on April 1. So, if you like our products, please swing by and make a pledge to help us bring this business to life!

The Birch and The Bee | Darling Magazine

Learn more about The Birch at The Bee at their Kickstarter page, or by visiting


  1. Hurray! Love the creative team behind these whimsical accessories. Praying they get the support they need in time and the word spread!

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