With intimidating, skin-tight activewear taking over women’s fitness fashion, finding an outfit that lets you feel comfortable and confident at the gym can be a struggle.

Which is why we’re pleased to introduce you to Body Language Sportswear, a company that is empowering women to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and feel beautiful with their unique sportswear styles. We had the pleasure of talking with Erica Franco, a partner at Body Language Sportswear, to hear first-hand the strong values and resilient heart that makes this company a breath of fresh air.

Darling Magazine: What is the mission of your brand, Body Language?

Erica: The mission of our brand, Body Language Sportswear is to inspire all women of different shapes & sizes. One does not have to be fit to feel sexy in our activewear. It’s a brand that truly encompasses a lifestyle. We push to live a healthy lifestyle & look good while doing it.

Zoe Legging - side - HERO

DM: What do you think the difference is between promoting health and promoting a body type? How does your brand accomplish this?

Erica: I think promoting overall health as opposed to a body type is accomplished by emphasizing the many lifestyle choices one can make that comprise healthy living. We feel we accomplish this by consistently promoting not only our fabulous line (shameless plug here) but also feeding our fans/customers with positive motivation … be it with healthy recipes, inspirational images or quotes, and fitness routines.

DM: Do you think it is important to feel beautiful while exercising?

Erica: Absolutely! Here at Body Language Sportswear, we believe that if you feel beautiful, it is positively one of the biggest motivational factors to push you beyond your limits to be your best. Everyone likes to feel good about themselves, wearing stylish and figure flattering activewear is half the battle.

… promoting overall health as opposed to a body type is accomplished by emphasizing the many lifestyle choices one can make that comprise healthy living.

DM: Which piece from Body Language makes you feel the most stylish and capable for your workout?

Erica: I am obsessed with the Scrunchy Capri or Scrunchy legging! It is so flattering in the areas I need most, around the mid-section. It holds just perfectly but without creating that oh so dreaded muffin top. In the winter I live in the leggings with cute boots and sweaters.

Scrunchy Capri - periwinkle - front - HERO


DM: Explain what a “Believer” is, and why your group of “Believers” are so important to your brand.

Erica: Believer is a word that has taken on a significant and special meaning for the entire team at Body Language Sportswear. A series of unfortunate, unexpected events spiraled Body Language Sportswear into near collapse. We were forced to dig deep and take an honest look at our company, what we stand for, and, most importantly, what we as an organization believe in. It was an incredibly uniting moment for us when we collectively concluded that we have something special to offer, and that we would fight with all we’ve got to ensure that potential was realized.

Humbled by our experiences, we half jokingly called ourselves “The Believers,” and it stuck. We remind ourselves daily, especially in our most trying of moments, where we have come from and where we believe we can go. We believe that focus, hard work, selflessness, commitment and a smile can go a long way towards accomplishing your dreams. To pay homage to this word with special meaning to us, we decided to unite a group of like-minded individuals who have their own interpretation of what it means to be a believer.

Razor Pullover - black - front - HERO

We will be continually inviting individuals, who we feel serve as an inspiration to others to live a positive, active, and healthy lifestyle, and feature them on our website. There they will have the opportunity to share their own story and set of beliefs that helped them achieve their goals and dreams to perpetually inspire the rest of us to continue to dig deep and live life to our fullest potential. We call this special group our Believers.

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Images via Emily Reiter (top) and James Hickey (sportswear)


  1. I’m sorry, I know you need sponsored posts to pay the bills, but I didn’t really think an ad for workout clothes with stick-thin models in crop tops was really in line with the vision of this magazine. Especially since the company doesn’t even sell clothes larger than a size 10!

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for your comment. We make it a point to represent all body shapes here at Darling and don’t feel it is fair to overly criticize either end of the spectrum. Because Body Language is a sportswear company, their style or market may not appeal to everyone and that’s OK. They promote a healthy, active lifestyle and these are items of clothing that we wanted to share for use in such activities should they be of interest. In no way are we trying to say that all women must look like these models when working out. These were simply the supplied product images from the company.

      1. There is no problem with showing thin models per se, especially since this is the norm in the industry, but there is a problem with promoting a company whose largest size is made for women with a 27″ waist and 22″ thighs (this is taken directly from their sizing chart) as “promoting women of all shapes & sizes” and not “promoting a body type”

        1. I agree. The products offered, while lovely, make many of the sentiments expressed in the text seem rather disingenuous.

          1. Thank you for both of your comments! We will sincerely keep this feedback in mind when considering features in the future.

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