New to motherhood and uncertain of what products are truly essential for your little one? The Baby Box Co. has made sure to cover a few must haves for those first weeks with your new addition.

What is The Baby Box Co.?

It’s a company inspired by the 75 year old Finnish tradition of providing expectant mothers a box of necessary items — a “starter kit” for the new mom. Research has shown that once the boxes were introduced in Finland, infant mortality rates plummeted and the country is now considered one of the very best in the world in which to be a mother. The Baby Box Co. has taken the concept of this starter kit and brought it to the United States in a very unique and exciting way.

To introduce these boxes we’ve put together a list of the five most helpful products to have on-hand as a first-time mom. Plus, we wanted to give you a chance to nominate a new mother that you might know to win a box of her very own! Read on for details.

These are lightweight blankets that are multi-purposeful and extra soft. In addition to swaddling, they can be used to block sunlight while in a stroller and also used as a nursing cover if out in public.

Healthcare Kit
Becoming sick is something that we all wish would never happen to a baby, but it is crucial to be prepared and know how to monitor the signs when it does. A thermometer and a nasal aspirator should be two of the first things that go in any baby healthcare kit.

Babies cannot control their arm movements, which means they often end up scratching their faces with tiny, razor-sharp nails. Mittens are an easy way to protect a baby’s delicate skin and sweet face.


Burp Cloth
Once you’ve been spit up on, you’ll never burp your baby again without a burp cloth in place. These are a necessity to have on hand for all sorts of quick clean-ups and unexpected messes.

A Safe Place
Determination to carry your baby around everywhere can only last so long without developing serious back pain. It isn’t safe to leave your baby unattended on a couch or a bed, and walking all the way to the nursery every time you need to do something isn’t realistic. Here’s where a bouncer or one of The Baby Boxes can come in handy to keep your bundle of joy in sight but out of arm.

Do you know of a new mom who could benefit from a Baby Box Co. delivery? Nominate her below with your reason why and we’ll pick a winner on this coming Mother’s Day, Sunday May 11th!

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  1. My name is Nicola and I am expecting my first child in Aug ’16. I live in California and I’m married to the most wonderful Finnish man. We immigrated to America from Ireland almost a decade ago. My husband moved here for work and I with him. I find we are somewhat colorful somewhat eccentric but overall quite average couple, however, years ago my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive eye condition which ultimately will take his sight in his mid 30’s. He still works and refuses to retire despite his condition. However, through the years my husband has struggled with his sight, and I’m sad to say that the once very active and outgoing person he was now needs assistance in his daily routines.
    I don’t know whether he will ever see our child, yet every day he amazes me with his determination to never stop and to move forward. In the past he would have taken care of all household and shopping needs and without his condition would have taken care of everything. I am one of those rare women whom is not so much into shopping and become overwhelmed when in stores. I was intrigued when my husband first told me about the Finnish baby box and felt this would be something both of us would truly appreciate as first time parents. And while I take care of our baby and my husband, having someone help us out by providing such rare gifts of giving all one could need to help start a new life in care and comfort. I am sure my husband already has great ideas on what to get and choose for our child, and despite his illness I’m sure he will be the best father I can ever imagine anyone to be but I’m sure he would appreciate help in choosing where to start.

  2. My dear dear sister is expecting her first child, a baby girl!!!, in a month’s time! I am so over joyed and very excited, but unfortunately I am across the ocean from her living in Ireland for the time being! I left when she was about 3 months pregnant, and I know it was really hard for her since we are so close! Getting this baby box sent to her would be another reminder for her that I am praying for her daily and am still 100% supporting her through this exciting, and scary!, time of her first child. 🙂

  3. Hello Darling,
    Thank you for this awesome opportunity.
    I would love to nominate my brother’s wife, Wattey.
    In January, a month after my parents were told the wonderful news of having their first grandchild, my father passed away. We couldn’t believe it. We were all very devastated and heartbroken, especially my brother and his wife. The day of his passing they found out that they were having a baby girl. It was such a hard time for everyone to go through, but Wattey’s strength and support has given us so much hope that life is still growing within us.
    I know that my brother and Wattey will be loving parents. This gift will help them feel so much more safe and at ease. They truly deserve an incredible gift like this.

  4. I’m sure everyone deserves a box for their beautiful baby, but I have to nominate my sister! She’s an artist living in the American South and 6500 miles away from me; my nieph (niece or nephew) is her first and, although I’ve seen her 509 paged book about babies by the Mayo Clinic on her nightstand that she prefers not to read, I’m confidant that the Baby Box Co.’s thoughtfulness would relieve any anxiety and allow her to continue focusing on the happiness to come.

  5. I’m nominating my boss, April. She is due in June with a sweet baby girl. While this isn’t her first baby, it is her first baby in 16 years! She and her husband are elated, and this Baby Box would be such a sweet way to bless her family.

  6. I am seven months pregnant with my first darling babe, and my husband and I are so eager to meet the little love. My dream is to have nine children one day, as all I have ever wanted to do in this life is be a mother. This baby essentials box is absolutely lovely, I have heard how other countries send boxes like this home from the hospital with the mothers, and I find it to be absolutely brilliant! Especially that the box itself can even be used to benefit the babe! My husband and I would be so blessed to receive this box as a gift, and I can only imagine how appreciative our little one would be. Cheers and blessings to you all at Darling.

  7. My twin sister and best friend, Lindsay, is due with her first child on May 12th. It’s a baby boy and her and her husband are so excited. It’s tough figuring out what you need but I know the baby box would be such a great gift for them. Additionally, as a public health nerd, I love the idea of the Baby Box company and Finalnd’s approach to Maternal and Child Health. I would love to see them also reach out to mother’s who would need some extra support and give them free boxes. I’d be happy to donate money to provide a new mom a box to care for her little one.

  8. My brothers fiancée Char has been through hades and back this past year. From dealing with work issues, sibling issues, constant traveling, a long unhealthy separation with my brother, confusion about her identity and decisions – her petite body still managed to create a huge blessing for our family. Baby Anthony was born the first week of April and continues to remind us everyday why the circle of life is so vital to the human race. Babies bring life back into the lives of so many that are lost in their path. They serve as the innocent, precious, adorable beacons of our very existence. Both she and Anthony remind me everyday that there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love and prayer. I believe after all of what she, my eldest brother, and Anthony have been through, Char deserves this gift as a reminder that despite her past difficulties, her new role as a mother is something that she’ll never lose. She is flawless and I honor her strength.

  9. My friend Lybbie is expecting in October. She runs a flower shop in Utah, and was my first manager. Lybbie is the sweetest, most caring, upbeat person – and all in tiny < 5 foot package! Even though it has been years since I worked with her, she is still the same amazing lady as she was when I worked with her – always caring about her employees like a great mother that she will be! Her and her husband are such incredible people, and really deserve such a great box!

  10. My dear friend Grace is expecting her first child this month. She and her husband met, married, conceived, and moved in together all in the past 11 months and it has been a whirlwind. She is beyond thrilled but I know would also love any support or a leg up to help her get a grasp on her new world.

  11. A good friend of mine, Kyra, is expecting her first baby this fall after longing and trying for a child for quite some time. I am beyond excited for her and would love for her to have this fantastic box of new mom essentials! She is so deserving of it!

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