We are in the heart of layering season and the art of layering rests on a classic formula: a lace slip, a silk blouse, a feminine skirt, a pair of tights, and a beautiful coat. Mixing and layering fabrics with different complementing textures will not only keep you cozy, but also with a feeling of being composed and well-dressed.

As the day unwinds and the temperature changes, you can easily remove a layer of clothing to suit your current environment. Tights can be bundled up and stored in your purse. A silk blouse can masquerade as a pretty scarf tied to the strap of your handbag, if not folded to place inside. A dainty, lace slip works well as a top when you need to shed your blouse or transition from work to a night out. If living in colder climates, a lightweight sweater or cardigan can complement a slip and be rolled to stow in your coat pocket or handbag until needed.

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Shopping can be much simpler if keeping this formula in mind. Look through your closet and you may be surprised to find you already own many of these pieces. Vintage stores are especially likely to have a fine coat or variety of slips that are well-made and original. Once you’ve gathered the aforementioned essentials, mix and match different pieces to create an extensive and versatile wardrobe suitable for a wide range of climates and occasions.

What are your tricks for staying styled even when there’s a chill in the air?

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