Clearly, we’re wine fans around these parts. There’s just something about a time-honored tradition, being reliant on the rain, the sun and the earth, and condensing years of hard work into one simple glass — all to better eat with, no less — that we can seriously respect.

What else do we respect?  When there’s a woman behind it all.

Gossip. Spreading rumors. Name calling. Criticizing. Cruel teasing. Intentionally excluding someone. Breaking confidences. Eye-rolling. Manipulation.

These are all forms of relational aggression that the majority of women have been a recipient of and/or have engaged in at some point. As you read this, has an experience of relational aggression from your own life come to mind? Amazing how those instances stick with you, isn’t it? I still feel a pang of embarrassment and disappointment with myself over harshly criticizing a girl in the 6th grade! And, I can clearly remember every instance throughout my life when I found out that another girl or woman had been gossiping about me or purposely excluding me from their social circle.