Summer’s calling, and so is that chilled glass of rosé at 5 ‘o clock. No matter where you drink it, rosé always adds just a little hint of vacation to any evening, which can be a welcome addition to a season where everyone seems to be jetting off on a moment’s notice.

So, to help you better plan for your next post-workday escape, we asked Chief Wine Officer at Winc, Brian Smith, what rosés he’d recommend for under the non-vacation-budget price of $25. Below he shares his top five.


Clearly, we’re wine fans around these parts. There’s just something about a time-honored tradition, being reliant on the rain, the sun and the earth, and condensing years of hard work into one simple glass — all to better eat with, no less — that we can seriously respect.

What else do we respect?  When there’s a woman behind it all.

A Note From The Editor: We used to think that developing an impressive knowledge and deep appreciation of wine required a lot of time and money. But then we discovered Club W, a subscription service that acts as a personal sommelier sending you a collection of unique, straight-from-the-wine-maker bottles each month thanks to WINC, their revolutionary direct-distribution wine company. After building your own personal palate profile, Club W takes the guess work out of what to buy and why. They include the best (for you!) wine and recipe pairings so that your next dinner party is only a mailbox away. We asked Brian Smith, Chief Wine Officer of WINC, to walk us through a few of his favorite wines to get you started.

WINC’s wine program has grown immensely since our first harvest in 2013, and as Chief Wine Officer, I’ve gotten to be there every step of the way. We’re really proud of how far we’ve come. To celebrate the end of our 2015 harvest, I’ve picked a few of my favorite wines to show you just how cool and diverse our portfolio’s become.

And they’re all currently available on the Club W site!