Wanderlust is alive and well all around us. From Instagram feeds to Pinterest scrolls and any travel sites in between, the global community is more accessible than ever. When we travel boldly and encounter new cities, countries, and cultures it can be beautiful yet overwhelming. That period of adjustment back to our own world might feel welcome for some who love routine, but it may also carry with it a hint of sadness.

When we travel, we change; when we see new things, we grow. And instead of diminishing that, we should embrace it with zest.

As a fashion blogger bitten long ago by the travel bug, I’ve often wondered: When we wander the world, see new places, and meet new people, how can we translate even small parts of those experiences back into everyday life through fashion? After extensive travels abroad and significant coast-hopping, I’ve fostered three simple ways to incorporate those voyages into an evolving wardrobe.