Summer’s calling, and so is that chilled glass of rosé at 5 ‘o clock. No matter where you drink it, rosé always adds just a little hint of vacation to any evening, which can be a welcome addition to a season where everyone seems to be jetting off on a moment’s notice.

So, to help you better plan for your next post-workday escape, we asked Chief Wine Officer at Winc, Brian Smith, what rosés he’d recommend for under the non-vacation-budget price of $25. Below he shares his top five.


Tan skin can sometimes feel like a right of passage into summer. Having that radiant glow is all about long beach days, late bonfire nights and weekend travels to be cherished for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, what doesn’t often get invited along for those memories is proper skin care. Whether we’re beckoning the rays with baby oil (I’m totally guilty of doing that in the past) or just neglecting any coverage at all, it’s damage to our body’s largest organ. Luckily, over the years, experts have developed innovative and completely natural products to keep us healthy and lustrous — without the danger of long-lasting repercussions.


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It’s always surprising how the simplest experiences are some of the richest, isn’t it? Backyard. Bare feet. A glowing fire. Those are just a few of the quintessential signposts of summer, and as the weather warms up we’ve found ourselves eagerly anticipating those breezy nights outside without a care in the world.

We know we should live a little slower, a bit more off-the-grid; yet, its easy to think we need to do  a whole lot more in order to make that happen. Nope. Below we’ve partnered with Target to sum up all that really you need (just four things!) for a truly great backyard hang.

In yet another reason we can’t wait for summer, Warner Bros. just released an extended trailer for the film adaptation of Jojo Moyes’ best-selling book Me Before You, which hits theaters on June 3rd. Sometimes, you just need a good cathartic cry and this film promises to deliver just that via a heartstring-tugging love story portrayed Game of Thrones’  Emilia Clarke and Hunger Games’  Sam Claflin.

Watch the extended trailer, below.


What a beautiful morning to wake up
Granted the privilege of putting two feet safe
On green grass, head to the sky, arms open,
Breathing in air laden with dew and inspiration
And the pending promise of a miracle

We search all summer for a version
Of ourselves that went missing
Somewhere between age 2 and today
But I find me in March and memories,
Every Monday and every moonrise


Although summer is rapidly coming to a close, we seem to find ourselves with no shortage of warm evenings for backyard barbeques.  They’re the perfect excuse to call your friends and keep the easy-going, summertime feelings lingering on well into September. These laid-back and (sometimes) last minute gatherings go best with some refreshing cocktails, especially using — get this — wine!

Here are three quick and easy recipes for you to throw together on these warm afternoons that will have you looking like the master mixologist of your circles.

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The little black dress. The perfect white tee. And a good pair of jeans.

Your wardrobe can’t get any more classic than it does with denim. It’s the fabric that dresses up just as easily as it breaks in, leaving you with an ever-ready outfit choice you don’t have to think twice about.

Maybe that’s why Target recently decided to update their denim line, releasing a brand new collection containing everything from vests and overalls to joggers and jeggings. If those choices overwhelm you (after all, who knew there could be so many different ways to name a pair of jeans?) don’t worry. We had three of our Darling staffers head over to Target and pick up a few of their favorites to style themselves.

Below, we’re sharing their tips for how to take a risk — and have it pay off — with denim.

There are certain foods that capture their season. Rhubarb and strawberries are full of sunshine. They taste like picnics and feel like warm grass against your feet. In Scandinavia, these fruits are local and taken very seriously; it’s hard to find a grocery store not proudly stocking boxes of Dansk jordbær (Danish strawberries).

Here’s how to take advantage when you see those ruby-red colors in your produce section:

Summer introduces the perfect excuse to take that well-deserved break we’ve been meaning to grant ourselves. We’re conditioned to associate this season with chatoyant skies and clement after-hours. Blushing swells. Flower moons budding alive. At night the stars sit like white wood asters, reflecting a new truth: everything will be simpler for the next few months. Roseate and warm.

It’s a time for barbecues and sundresses. Bare feet and daisy chains. All the things that say, “Hey, let yourself breathe again. You work hard, you try, you take on more than you should. Have this smile, feel something like happier. Be alive. Be gold.”

There’s magic in that, in letting go.

You know we’ve long been fans of The Chalkboard, but recently we took our love to the next level and discovered their Pressed Juicery Freeze.

The freeze is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from their cold-pressed juice line — nutrient-dense, small batch, vegan — only blended to a fro-yo like consistency, creating the perfect summer treat. Made only from roots, fruits and vegetables, everyone on the team was immediately hooked, seriously doubting how something this good for you could taste, well, good.

We visited their newest location just up the road from the Darling office (convenient and dangerous, if you ask us) and are sharing our team’s thoughts below:

T his summer, why not use the grill for more than just chicken and steak? We asked Erin Eastland, executive chef at Santa Monica’s Milo & Olive, for her take on how to bring everyone’s favorite — pizza — to the backyard. Below she’s sharing how to make the perfect pizza crust, as well as how to get creative with this summer’s finest produce.

Why I love grilling …
Recently we repainted our patio and as a result we had moved our grill temporarily out onto our front stoop. We live in a small condo complex, so it was a little strange having it there, but our neighbors are cool and it was only for a day or two. It also happened to be the same day that I was grilling the pizzas for this article, and what started as a little bit of an awkward grilling situation turned quickly into a really fun gathering of our neighbors with food for all.

Grilling is just one of those things that brings people together and creates a sense of community. Who doesn’t love a BBQ?