Maybe you’ve dreamt about working from home: Flexible hours! Taking calls in pajamas! Finishing a project while dinner cooks in the oven! Then you take a job that offers more freedom, or you forge your own way with a small business. Suddenly, the easy routine of an office job vanishes as you attempt to create your own workplace.

This is uncharted territory. In 1997 only seven percent of the employed population worked from home; today that number tops twenty percent. It’s not only entrepreneurs and small business owners who make their office at home. Employees of corporations are also joining the movement, finding out that their productivity increases in tandem with flexibility. As demand for freelance contractors explodes, artists are leaving office jobs to pursue their craft full-time. And if you work in a creative industry, you likely spend at least a portion of your day working at home (or haunting local coffee shops).

Raise your hand if you feel stressed, if you work too hard, sleep too little, and don’t take much time for yourself. It’s likely that in this virtual hand-raising situation, you are not the only one with your arm lifted high.

Thankfully, if you care for yourself and take the time and space you need to be at your best, then everything around you benefits. When you put your wellbeing first, you are more prepared to be present to those around you. We are hearing this more and more, but when will we start to really believe it?

Now is the time. The change of the seasons often inspires changes within our own lives. With fall unfolding around us, it’s time to consider the positive changes we can make as we enter this new season. One of these changes can be to practice self-care, to take intentional steps toward de-stressing. Aromatherapy can play a key role in that.

How timely is this article from the Glitter Guide? Hitting on how so many of us can feel on a Monday morning, they’re sharing a host of inventive solutions for combatting the mid-day spike of stress and tension. Our favorites? Numbers five, ten and twelve. 

You’ve got 320 emails in that inbox, you’re already late for the next meeting and you haven’t even had a cup of coffee! Our lives are consumed by overloaded calendars, and sometimes, it feels like we can never catch a break. The to-do lists keep growing, and stress levels are at an all time high. That’s why when we’re feeling frazzled, it’s important to take a step back. Yes, this requires moving away from the screen!

The good news is that you don’t need to set aside a lot of time to relax and de-stress—just a few minutes throughout the day will do the trick. Below, our contributor Arin Agase of Heart of Chic has rounded up 20 ways to relieve stress in 20 minutes or less, all of which were designed to create a sense of calm during the tough times ahead.

Stress. A natural human response, stress is essential for keeping us out of trouble, but it can also cause a lot of trouble, especially when it becomes chronic.

Stress is allegedly responsible for 75-90% of doctor visits, and while you may not even realize that you’re exhibiting signs of stress, in this day and age, chances are … you are. With the average work week stretching far beyond the “standard” 40 hours, and more and more ways to remain plugged in at all times (here’s lookin’ at you, Apple Watch) it’s no wonder that we often have trouble unwinding.

While it’s tempting to reach for a glass of wine or a pint of ice cream to temporarily alleviate stress, there are many more effective ways of doing so, all without the side serving of guilt. Below are some healthy and simple methods to dealing with whatever life throws at you.