You may remember us teaming up with Create + Cultivate last year for their LA conference. Since they are such stellar providers of marketplace wisdom, we’re excited to continue that relationship and begin sharing noteworthy content from their blog with you here! Get ready for loads of practical advice for flexing those Achiever muscles.

Written by Celeste Mitchell:

If you think of the pages on your blog or business website like the squares of a Monopoly board, your “About” page would be Boardwalk. So valuable is this piece of virtual real estate, people come barreling through your front door like it’s a never-ending open house whether you invited them in or not. They’re intrigued! They’re curious!

So, what have you planted on your “About” page?

It’s a question that most of us bump up against for decades, no matter what it is we are in the middle of doing: Is this what I’m called to do?  We wonder, in the middle of our working and coaching and mothering and writing and dancing and dating and marrying and studying:

Should I be doing something else? Why am I still not sure what I’m made for?

There is always a tipping point, a turning point in one’s life where a decision is made that completely alters your path and thrusts you forward into a new reality, your future. You may have already made this decision, or it may be just around the corner, but for me, the most pivotal decision of my life occurred almost two years ago.

It was one that many of my closest family members and dearest friends could not understand, and honestly I wasn’t even sure I understood: I abandoned a six-figure salary to become a social entrepreneur.