A Note From The Editor: The outdoors are calling as we head into the warmer months, so we think this article from FabFitFun is perfectly timed to refresh a sense of adventure and to remind us to see beyond a screen. For more inspiring content, be sure to check out the latest from FFF by visiting their magazine, here.

There is something about exploring nature by foot that cannot be explained. Simply driving through an area or seeing pictures never does a place justice. Smelling the air, seeing the leaves and flowers firsthand, and challenging yourself to accomplish a hike you thought would be too difficult is such a rush. You go girl!

We want to share with you some of the best places to experience hiking in nature. There are too many uh-mazing places to choose from, not only in the world, but right here in the U.S. We have included only a handful of places to explore below, but encourage you to look into Arizona, Colorado, and Hawaii as places you may want to adventure, too. Happy trails to you!

I recently hiked sixteen miles round-trip in the backcountry of Mammoth. Not alone — I’m not that brave — but with my boyfriend. I carried my gear and a thudding heart. I know we’ve all heard these stories before, it’s not that wild anymore, but I still needed to remind myself how little we really need. Because what if this was all there was? Just a heavy pack and hot breath and the crystalized sun. And him, this beautiful person that chose me. I remember thinking:

Why should anything be more than this? A world with me and you.