I think we can all agree that the older we get the more we realize just how much our mothers had to put up with while raising us. From chauffeuring us to tennis lessons and dental appointments to bearing with our adolescent angst and taking care of us when sick, it seems like there’s nothing our moms weren’t willing to do for us.

For many, our moms remain our number one fan, and our relationship with them will forever be one of the strongest bonds we have. Yet, as influential as mothers are in our lives, how often do we stop and actually let them know what they mean to us? Chances are, not enough.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and honor the women in our lives – whether mother, aunt, grandmother, or older friend – who have served to shepherd us through the ups and downs as a mentor, guide, and loving shoulder to cry on. What better way to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day than by paying it forward and helping to lift up other women and mothers around the world?

Without her, very simply, we wouldn’t be here.

Though everyone has a unique relationship with their mother, this Mother’s Day we wanted to hear from spouses, children, and mothers themselves about the joys, challenges, and special gifts that this bond brings. We hope that this three-minute video below reminds you of the mother-figure(s) in your own life, and that you make it a point to thank her (and them) today.

Happy Mother’s Day.