“The world is full of people who can talk your ear off about all the reasons they can’t possibly begin what they’re longing to begin. Let’s not be those people. Let’s start where we are.” -Shauna Niequist

I bet you clicked on this article for a few reasons. Perhaps you need that extra push to make the move from dreamer to doer. Maybe you simply desire opportunities for professional growth. Or, it could be that you feel compelled to learn about entrepreneurial success to reassure yourself that there’s hope for you and your small business. This article is step one for you.

A Note From The Editor: On page 82 of Darling Issue No. 12, we announced a call for submissions that tell your story and spark the creative process through word. Over the next month we plan to feature several of these submissions here online. Today we’re excited to reveal our second selection. We think that it’s a piece that’ll encourage you — wherever you work — while also calling you to stand tall in a wild world.

The conference was packed. Once everyone was seated we seemed to collectively reach into our gift bags. My eyebrows knit together as my head tipped to one side, “Why a lion?”

This small, hard plastic toy was meant to be a prompt. Its fierce teeth, menacing eyes, and ready stance were a reminder. It’s a jungle out there!