Nothing fires us up more than watching other women conquer obstacles and chase their dreams. Which is why we’ve completely fallen in love with Carly Fleischmann, a 21-year-old journalist from Canada who, even though she has autism and is unable to speak using her mouth, communicates via keyboard and just scored a pretty  big interview for her first time on camera.

Watch in full below and tell us you don’t agree: Can’t we please see more women like Carly on our screens? We absolutely love this.

Here we go — flinging open the closet door to pick out the outfit. I mean, the outfit. The outfit that gives insight to a potential employer, insight to knowing who you are.

Are you meticulous? How about creative? Innovative? Passionate? Perfect for this position? The list of possible impressions goes on and on, and so do your thoughts of all the ways your favorite shirt can be interpreted, and misinterpreted, and interpreted again.

These thoughts are justified, as Mike Bell from Tilson, a human resource solutions company, stresses “the way the person being interviewed presents him or herself is vital to making a great first impression … You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

“So, tell me — why are you looking for a new job?”

If there’s an MVP title for interview questions, this one just might take the prize.

(“Can you share three of your greatest weaknesses?” comes in a close second.)

It’s a fair question, though. Your potential new employer wants to know why you’re leaving a (seemingly) perfectly good job. And, even more importantly, they want to know that — should they hire you — you won’t be leaving them in the lurch shortly thereafter.