Happy St. Patricks Day, friends! It’s the day of green, and in the spirit of eating festively, I’ve compiled a few recipes to bite into this holiday. It’s no secret that green foods are great for you. The following treats are inspired by today’s favorite color — so sip away and bite into these festive recipes as you celebrate the luck of the Irish!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we begin to see the grocery store aisles fill with brightly colored candy and mass-produced chocolate. As if nothing says “I Love You” like a Kit Kat.

Some may shy away from the “Hallmark” holiday, but Valentine’s Day actually happens to be one of my favorites; sometimes we need a little reminder to celebrate our loved ones! There’s no law that says you have to purchase anything; it can still be meaningful and romantic regardless of the way you decide to celebrate.

Whether you’re a newlywed, dating, or a family with children, take the opportunity to create a family tradition… just spend a little extra time to make it special and unique.

As the holidays approach, we scramble to select the perfect gift for everyone on our list in an attempt to show the people we love the most that we know just what is their heart’s desire.

However, most of the time, our family and friends would rather spend an afternoon laughing together than receive an elaborate gift. This year, I chose to wrap small meaningful gifts with snapshots from throughout the year. I love using my instant print camera to capture silly moments shared between those closest to me.

For many women, the holidays are a time of excitement, engagements, first Christmases and baby stockings. But for every woman rejoicing, there is often another who is depressed, alone, or feeling unsure about what the future has for her.

How can we learn to be real in our struggles, but also genuinely rejoice for others? Especially if a friend has something that we feel unable to attain (a husband, pregnancy, etc)?

The holidays are here, and that means so many good things are in store: Cookie exchanges and Christmas movies, tree-trimmings and holiday parties, gift-wrapping extravaganzas and an excuse to pull out our favorite festive wear.

In this season, there will always be more to do — more cards to write, more gifts to buy, more parties to attend, more people to see. But what if this year we opt for a little less, not in an attempt to sacrifice the richness of this season but rather in hopes of giving our loved ones the gift of presence?