A Note From the Editor: As we’re inundated with news headlines with every passing day, hour and tweet it seems, we thought it would be helpful to begin curating select news stories here for you that bear particular importance about the world we live in and the people who shape it. It’s easy to consume; it’s a lot harder to stop, process, and think critically about what’s going on around us. 

We hope this series opens the door for conversations to develop and for voices to be heard. We encourage you to share your own thoughts on the stories shared and suggest new ones for us to feature in the comment section below.

Continued from: History of Fashion With Regards to the 20th Century 1920-1930 Key Silhouettes: Flapper--straight silhouette, drop waist, shorter hemlines, bob hair cuts, and cloche hats to match. Details: Long pearl necklaces, feathers, sequins and beading. Designer: Chanel. Economic: Abundance of money circulating through the stock market--people became "all about the


Continued from History of Fashion With Regards to the 20th Century Let's look at 1910-1920 Key Silhouettes: Hobble Skirt and the empire waistline--one freeing women, one putting them back in chains. Details: Intricate hats for women; for men, collars and ties. Designer: Paul Poiret Economic: The invention of the automobile caused