Tricky health information is all around us, yet rather than toss up our hands in defeat, we’re taking things step-by-step with help from our favorites over at Chalkboard Mag. Below they’re sharing about salt, the good, the bad and the pink. Keep reading for more! 

It’s no secret, salt has a bad rep. Processed bleached salt does contribute to the physical imbalances and issues that have fueled a salt backlash over the past couple of decades, but natural salt, in it’s completely raw state, is a horse of a different color. Unrefined salt is a vital source of trace minerals that can provide some serious health benefits.

As a lover of food and flavor, I adore exploring well curated and unique restaurants all over the country. I recently had the opportunity to experience Fig & Olive of Los Angeles, a local Italian eatery flooded with artisanal olive oils and Italian-everything in abundance.

As part of each meal you’re given various olive oils and the opportunity to taste each one. Through my dining experience, I learned that tasting olive oil can truly be an art.

Fig & Olive’s founder, Laurent Halasz, has put together a guide for tasting olive oil that she shares with us, here: