Chai is synonymous with fall, in our opinion. Yet, while it may be the spice of the season, it can get pretty repetitive when its just on repeat in a mug.

That’s why we asked Amy Rothstein of Brooklyn-based Dona Chai (a current favorite around the office for its subtle, not-too-sweet flavor) to put together a complete morning-to-night menu using chai in some rather inventive ways. Below she’s sharing four unique ideas to get the most out of this delicious spice. 

There are two things that are sure to inspire the happy, cozy feeling we associate with brisk autumn nights: An old-fashioned dinner party with our dearest, loveliest friends and tea. While a hot cup of tea is the perfect way to wind down after a night of revelry, we at TeBella Tea Company like to start our gatherings with a tea-infused cocktail or two.

That’s right, the hot toddy has not cornered the market on tea-inspired tipples. We love experimenting with different ways to incorporate tea into spirits, whether it be as a simple syrup, a tincture, or by infusing tea directly into our favorite liquors.

Here we’ve created three fall-inspired recipes that result in the best kind of cocktails: Easy to make, impressive to present, and deliciously seasonal. Break out the kettle and a cocktail shaker, “tea time” is about to take on an entirely different meaning.

These bars are the perfect bite to bring to any Halloween gathering. Decadent layers of homemade graham cracker crust, dark chocolate, and a star anise marshmallow topping.

Below we’re detailing each step and it’s easier than you might think to make something this lovely and delicious. This year, skip the packages of the artificial who-knows-what  and get ready to hand out squares of the ultimate spooktacular treat.

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Ok, so we many not be mixing up real  potions, but fall is the time to experiment with the unexpected, out of the ordinary and slightly wacky. And rather than get crazy with chemical-laden face paint, we thought we’d get creative and treat our skin to some natural treats instead.

Since Target now carries some of our favorite carrier and essential oils — which we were pleasantly surprised to discover is not a trick! — we trolled their aisles to see what interesting ingredients we could find and what health benefits they could afford us.

Below we sharing our findings and including a few recipes for you to get brewing, too!

Every story has a season. A dreamy romance is perfect for the blooms of spring, but a tale of swashbuckling adventure will be most enjoyed during the summer months. An aching tragedy, on the other hand, somehow makes the melancholy of winter even more lovely.

And mysteries?  Mysteries are the kinds of stories that creep into our thoughts and dreams during the pale sunset of autumn. A mystery can only be fully appreciated when we’re tucked under a knit blanket, snug with a warm cup of tea while the frost creeps across our windows. But a mystery also brings a thrill, an eerie sensation of disarray, the unsettled notion that things aren’t quite as they should be — and it’s up to us to discover why.

Just because your favorite beanie or wide-brimmed hat might be easing into constant rotation, cooler temps don’t have to limit the creativity you employ with your hair. Below we’re sharing a simple braided bow brought to you by the same talented lady who taught you how to master this summer’s braided crown.

Read on for Cara McLeay’s easy step-by-step hair tutorial that we think would perfectly dress up anything from sweater to sweatshirt.


There has been quite a buzz around the music industry this past week with the release of Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Both rave and less than impressed reviews have been flying. On the one side, people are arguing why he shouldn’t be able to snag the spotlight for something she wrote, while others prefer his version to hers.  To each their own.

But when you get down to the brass tax of it all, the definition of a cover song is this: “In popular music, a cover version or cover song, or simply cover, is a new performance or recording of a previously recorded, commercially released song by someone other than the original artist or composer.”

The days are getting shorter, and time spent in the kitchen seems to be getting comparably longer. Take silky squash soup up a notch with an amazing relish. Make the easiest applesauce ever by tossing peeled, chopped apples in your slow cooker while you work on some soup. Start your weekend with the scent of sizzling butter and cinnamon in the air. You can even top your whole wheat-yogurt-cinnamon pancakes with the applesauce.

It’s the time of year where leaves are crunching underfoot, the evening air is deliciously chilly and the colors are changing to crimson and gold.

Or, perhaps you’d like it to feel  like autumn, but it’s still 90 degrees out and the season is not yet turning near you. Either way, you can still make it feel like fall inside by getting aromas of cinnamon, apple and squash floating throughout your home.